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What’s the Best Deep Learning Framework?

Think of a deep learning framework as a grocery store.

Rather than laboring in individual backyard farms, most people shop at markets when they want to whip up a meal.

Just as they don’t pick lettuce and uproot carrots when they have a hankering for salad, developers don’t want to start from scratch every time they build a deep learning neural network.

Startups Pack GTC Israel as Smallest of Them All Sweeps Top Inception Award

NVIDIA’s third GPU Technology Conference in just over a month spilled across Tel Aviv’s convention center this week, in a packed show featuring a live demo of an AI-infused apple-picking drone, a student-built autonomous Formula One car and a two-person company that ran away with the title of Israel’s hottest startup.

Israel’s Constellation of Startups Using NVIDIA DGX Station to Polish Their Stars

A host of startups at the GPU Technology Conference in Israel this week are showing off the extraordinary acceleration gains and efficiency the NVIDIA DGX Station provides for their deep-learning work.

17 Startups Driving the Automotive Future at GTC Israel

At GTC Israel this week, 17 automotive startups showcased the latest developments in autonomous driving, connectivity and mobility services.

The young companies are developing on NVIDIA DRIVE, taking advantage of Israel’s fast-paced, flexible startup culture to speed the deployment of safe self-driving on public roads.

How 20 Self-Driving Demos Wowed GTC Europe with Diversity and Innovation

From race cars to school buses to street sweepers, an autonomous vehicle for every need is on display at GTC Europe.

At the region’s premiere AI conference this week in Munich, NVIDIA DRIVE ecosystem partners demonstrated concepts and prototypes of an autonomous future. With more than 20 vehicles of all shapes and sizes at the event, it’s clear autonomy is spreading to virtually everything on wheels.

Medical Startup Scrubs Operating Room Data to Train Better Surgeons

Tweezers carefully poised, the surgeon gingerly attempts to extract the patient’s funny bone. But the hand slips — buzz! — and another round of the classic board game Operation is lost.

NVIDIA, Adobe to Bring Interactive, Photo-Real Ray Tracing to Millions of Graphic Designers

Oil and canvas. Thunder and lightning. Salt and pepper. Some things just go together — like Adobe Dimension CC and NVIDIA RTX ray tracing, which are poised to revolutionize the work of graphic designers and artists.

AI in Your Wallet: Capital One Banks on Machine Learning

When you hear of AI and machine learning, it’s easy to think of technology companies leading the charge. Capital One is determined to change that.

“My first thought when Capital One approached me was ‘well it makes sense they use machine learning to predict lending decisions and other financial forecasting and that’ll be about it.’ So I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic,” said Nitzan Mekel, managing vice president of machine learning at Capital One.

NVIDIA CEO on How Deep Learning Makes Turing’s Graphics Scream

The deep learning revolution sweeping the globe started with processors — GPUs — originally made for gaming. With our Turing architecture, deep learning is coming back to gaming, and bringing stunning performance with it.

Turing combines next-generation programmable shaders; support for real-time ray tracing — the holy grail of computer graphics; and Tensor Cores, a new kind of processor which accelerates all kinds of deep learning tasks, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang told a crowd of more than 3,000 at the GPU Technology Conference in Europe this week.

NVIDIA RTX GPUs Inspire Creativity at Adobe MAX

You’re a creator with an imagination running at the speed of light. Nothing can stop you. And nothing should — especially not the system that powers your favorite creative apps.

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