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Shapely Bell Curve: NVIDIA Volta Tensor Core GPUs Power 5 of 6 Gordon Bell Finalists

Movies have the Oscars. Television has the Emmys. Broadway has the Tonys.

But for those known for harnessing computing power more than star power, what counts is the Gordon Bell Prize.

Established more than three decades ago by the Association for Computing Machinery, the award recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of computing for applications in science, engineering and large-scale data science.

Robot Tamer Madeline Gannon: New Platform Will Bring Machines to Heel at Scale

Training, testing and coding robots is a grueling process. Our recently launched Isaac platform promises to change all that.

Few know that better than roboticist Madeline Gannon. For the past month, she’s been hard at work developing a robotic art installation in her research studio in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Reinforcement Learning ‘Really Works’ for AI Against Pro Gamers, OpenAI Trailblazer Says

Fast, creative, smart — great gamers are all these things. Somebody has to teach machines how to keep up. That somebody is Ilya Sutskever and his team at OpenAI

Sutskever, co-founder and research director of OpenAI, and his team at Open AI are developing AI bots smart enough to battle some of the world’s best human gamers.

In August, OpenAI Five, a team of five neural networks, were defeated by some of the world’s top professional players of Dota 2, the wildly popular multiplayer online battle arena game.

In the Eye of the Storm: The Weather Channel Forecasts Hurricane Florence With Stunning Visuals

With Hurricane Florence threatening flash floods, The Weather Channel on Thursday broadcast its first-ever live simulation to convey the storm’s severity before it hit land.

The Atlanta-based television network has adopted graphics processing more common to video game makers in its productions. The result — see video below — is the stunning, immersive mixed reality visual to accompany meteorologists in live broadcasts.

How MagLev Speeds Autonomous Vehicles to Superhuman Levels of Safety

Most of us don’t think about it when we take the wheel, but the sheer variety of conditions and events we face on our daily drive is staggering.

To help manufacturers build self-driving cars able to handle these, NVIDIA announced on Thursday at the Facebook @Scale Conference, in San Jose, Calif., Project MagLev — an internally developed AI training and inference infrastructure architected with safety and scalability in mind.

Japan Shifts Autonomous Driving Industry into High Gear with NVIDIA DRIVE

As home to some of the world’s largest automakers, suppliers and automotive research institutions, Japan is a global authority when it comes to developing self-driving technology. At GTC Japan, NVIDIA showcased a range of partners developing on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

Amid Robotics Revolution, GTC Japan Celebrates All Things Autonomous

With artificial intelligence powering the smart phones in our hands and the drones roaming our skies, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang unveiled plans to make all our devices more intelligent.

At the GPU Technology Conference in Tokyo, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang announced the new NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU and TensorRT software to enable intelligent voice, video, image and recommendation services.

A Path for Safe Self-Driving: NVIDIA Opens DRIVE Constellation Platform to Simulation Partners

Autonomous driving is more than just replacing the human driver, it’s about creating an AI driver that’s much safer than a human.

According to RAND Corporation, to drive even 20 percent better than a human requires 11 billion miles of validation. That translates to more than 500 years of nonstop driving in the real world with a fleet of 100 cars — an impossible task.

Introducing NVIDIA DRIVE AGX DevKit: Open, Scalable Platform for Autonomous Driving

At GTC Japan, in the heart of the robotics revolution, we introduced today the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier Developer Kit, a platform for building autonomous driving systems.

This open, scalable software and hardware solution enables companies to seamlessly develop and test customized autonomous driving technology, streamlining production.

Isuzu Developing Next-Generation Trucks with NVIDIA DRIVE AGX

Isuzu Motors Limited, one of Japan’s leading commercial vehicle makers, is using the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform to address an industry-wide driver-shortage issue while making roadways safer and less congested.

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