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The Blog’s Not Here Anymore

Thanks for reading the blog. You might have noticed that the blog, which has been posting most days of the week since 2010, has stopped posting all together this week. That’s because we’ve moved.

In time, you’ll be redirected to the new blog when you visit this page, but for now, visit us at

Since we made the move, we’ve already published:

11 Fascinating Beer Facts for Your St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Chances are you or someone you know will be enjoying a pint of cold beer in celebration of Ireland’s most popular saint. On the day when rivers turn green (literally, thanks to green dye), bars are jam packed, and the bro-dudes are out in force, it’s time to reflect on beer itself and how it gets to your glass, either today or any day. Here are some interesting facts about beer, how it’s made, and the innovative thinking behind the industry.

From India: Manufacturing Small Parts that Drive Spectacular Performance

When we tell stories about product development, we confess to being drawn to fast cars. They’re sexy. But most of us, in our day-to-day work, are concerned about keeping the small components functional. A cast aluminum piece, a thermostat, an air filter—without the little things, the big showy things just don’t go.

That point was driven home to me recently when a pile of PTC Creo customer testimonials landed in my inbox.  All related to the automotive industry. All from India!

Concept Design in the IoT Age

To hear the pundits tell it, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a chance for product companies to hit the reset button, reinventing themselves with completely new business models. In a similar vein, IoT presents the potential for a powerful do-over for design engineers, especially those up for the challenge of learning new skill sets and broadening their influence beyond the physical product.

The Customized Polaris Slingshot SL Takes on the Streets of San Diego

Are you that person in the neighborhood that stands in front of your house and shakes your fist at cars going one mile over the speed limit as they drive by? You might want to look away from the video we’d like to share with you.

Watch it here:

Team Getting New 3D CAD Software? Here Are a Few Tips Every Manager Should Know

It’s funny, even though newer CAD software might be way more intuitive and easy-to-use, and even though there might be wonderful training resources available to help a team get comfortable with the new system, you can still run into a lot of resistance.

Your team is busy and efficient. They don’t want you throwing a wrench in their work while the workload is piling up.

That’s where a manager can really help.

PTC Windchill Webcasts Coming in March and April

PTC Windchill 11 is the first ever smart, connected Product Lifecycle Management tool. What does that mean exactly?

“Our customers now have access to the latest technology in PLM to succeed not only with their product development strategies today, but with their evolving product development strategies of tomorrow,” says Jill Newberg, senior director of PLM market development at PTC.

Newberg says that with these new tools, you’ll be well positioned to leverage the Internet of Things and truly manage the complete lifecycle of your products.

New Technologies to Look for While Avoiding Conversation with the Dentist

Top-turbine, air compression, foot controls, touchpads and auto vacuum systems. NASCAR? Space travel? Time machine? Nope. Dentistry.

More specifically, dentistry equipment and tools, and the new ways they are being designed and engineered.

The mind wanders sitting in the dentist chair and so does the discussion. For instance, on a recent visit my dentist argued that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t deserve his Oscar.

Model-Based Definition: A GE Engineer Gets Tips from Raytheon

Sooner or later, many engineers and managers get pulled into projects that reshape the way a company works. Sometimes that sort of thing is in your job description. Sometimes not. Regardless, you find yourself tasked with both implementing a new tool or process, and at the same time convincing everyone else to use it.

We used to see it a lot when companies went from 2D to 3D CAD, or when someone rolled out a PLM system. Everyone benefits from the hot new implementation, but they don’t always buy in right away.

Tips & Tricks: Boundary Blends and More Surfacing Tips

In a recent award-winning presentation, Hugo van Andel (of VanBerlo) and Patrick Brulo (of Brulot Solutions) offered several tips for creating better surfaces using PTC Creo.


Image: The VanBerlo portfolio of consumer designs includes everything from plastic bottles to 3D printers.

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