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Expanding the Team? Here’s Why You Should Think Subscription

Imagine your company, YourCADShop, wants to expand with a new engineering wing. You can already envision the new carpets, polished glass desks, and computers loaded with up-to-date versions of all the essential software design engineers use.

Outfitted with seats of the best tools on the market, you can expect your team to crush it no time, right?

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The Superstars of Food Packaging

How often do you think about food packaging? If you answered “never,” you’re clearly not paying attention in the grocery store.  The bags, cartons, and heart-shaped boxes on display are constantly being reengineered to keep food safer, fresher, and more alluring.


Thinking outside the (symmetrical) box.

Improving Design Skills: Where to Find Inspiration

A couple months ago, we looked at how the types of forms typically associated with the industrial design community are now becoming the responsibility of mechanical engineers. This time, I’m going to give those that are tasked with creating more complex shapes and forms some things to think about, tips on how to learn more, and where to find inspiration.

The Device That Can Look Into Your Eyes and Reveal Everything About You

If you’ve ever studied genetics, you know that eye color is determined by your parents. That’s just about the first lesson students learn. But what your biology teacher probably skipped is that a whole lot of other things happen in the womb to create the patterns, freckles, and other details of your eyes and they have nothing to do with who bore you.

The Big Game: 4 Cool New Technologies to Look for at Levi’s Stadium

You’ve probably heard that there’s a huge football game Sunday. We can’t actually say the name because the NFL frowns upon the usage of the “big game,” but we’re going to assume you might be watching it, maybe enjoying a beverage and some wings, or other sporty culinary delights.


Veteran PTC Customer Reveals 3 Things He Only Just Learned About His Software

Dean Barrick, business manager at JLG Industries, Inc., Oshkosh, Corporation, works with a staff of long-time users of PTC Creo and PTC Windchill.  Like many veterans of the CAD and PLM software, he attends events and meets with the PTC team in order to find out about, and quickly take advantage of, new advances when they develop.

So what has JLG learned about their PTC software lately?

PTC Creo Weekend Reader

Here’s your rundown of the best of PTC Creo CAD software on the internet for January 30, 2016.

Three Tips for Fast and Furious 3D Prototyping provides new insights to working successfully with 3D printing.

Farmers Without Tractors: CAD Design for Rural India introduces a company engineering better implements for human- and animal-powered agriculture.

Five engineering wonders in Blade Runner that now (sort of) exist

Blade Runner, a 1982 sci-fi movie directed by Ridley Scott, based on Philp K. Dick’s Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep, provided a dystopian, gritty look of a future Los Angeles. It featured Harrison Ford as an ex-cop on the hunt for rogue human-like androids. It’s also chockfull of engineering designs and technical wonders.

Unbelievably, the “future” in Blade Runner took place in 2019, only three years away.

Farmers Without Tractors: CAD Design for Rural India

You don’t need a CAD software blog to tell you that tractors bring much needed torque and traction to farm fields. With these powerful machines, you can plow, till, seed, and harvest vast acreages of crops with relatively little effort. Not surprisingly, tractors have more than doubled farm productivity since being widely adopted in the US in the 1920s.

Three Tips for Fast and Furious 3D Prototyping

Never before have engineers had access to such a bounty of tools to get creative with design. Advances in simulation and 3D modeling software make it easier than ever to dream up and refine concepts that would have never have been feasible with past-generation tools. Couple the freeform shape possibilities with new office-style 3D printers, and the engineering desktop transforms itself into a bona fide DIY (do-it-yourself) workstation for fast and furious prototyping.

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