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The Most Versatile 3D Printing Solution for Personalized Medicine Is Now Validated with an FDA Cleared Software

As we have highlighted in this blog time and again, surgeons are moving beyond the limitations of two-dimensional images on a screen to achieve the goal of personalized patient care. While medical imaging has come a long way, ultimately an image on a screen cannot offer the same insight as seeing, feeling and interacting with the actual anatomy.  Surgeons are increasingly incorporating 3D patient-specific models (PSMs) into their decision-making process to better understand, plan, and practice a complex surgery — and then explain it to the patient and their family.

In Search of the Perfect Fit: VA Surgeons Harness 3D Printing for Mandibular Surgeries

Finding the right size clothing can be a frustrating experience, especially if you aren’t proportioned exactly like the designer envisioned. Just ask anyone who has gone through the frustration and work of trying on multiple pairs of pants or shoes in a department store, only to leave empty-handed. Size can be aggravating when the scale is not what was advertised (bigger or smaller than expected) or when you find yourself in between sizes (or at the extremes).

Innovation at the Intersection of Design, Technology and Medicine

The voxel is a basic unit for 3D printing multiple materials. Similar to how pixels are organized on digital display screens, voxels can be placed in different patterns to control how a 3D printed object will behave. This level of control, alongside powerful data sets and innovative technology systems, has the potential to change the landscape of 3D printing. Combining the voxel level print details, with the sharing of anatomical data sets in a collaborative way affords new opportunities for collaboration between design and medicine within the field of orthotic care.

Patient-Specific 3D Printed Models Help Plastic Surgeons Plan and Perform Rhinoplasty

While it is difficult to lose any part of your body, the psychological impact is devastating when it involves a part of the face, such as the nose.  Just ask Dallan Jennet. Dallan’s face was disfigured at the age of 9 after he fell out of a tree onto a live power line, severely burning his entire face and losing his nose.  At the time, Jennet was so embarrassed by his face he refused to go to a local hospital to meet Dr. Tal Dagan, an Associate Adjunct Surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Stratasys Employee Perspectives: Materials Engineer Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt is an Associate Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer who works to bring new 3D printing materials from ideation to creation.

Stratasys Employee Perspectives: Print Optimization Engineer Amy Sissala

Amy Sissala is a Senior Print Optimization Engineer at Stratasys who is always eager to learn how new machines, processes, and materials work. Amy studied Architectural Engineering at the Illinois Institue of Technology and later received her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institue at Hartford. In this interview, Amy talks about what inspired her to become an engineer, the challenges of being an engineer, her role at Stratasys, what it’s like to be a women engineer, and what’s next for her career.

Elos Accurate Analogs Helps Innovate 3D Printed Models for Dental Labs

With half a century of innovation and expertise within medical devices and over 500 employees at facilities in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, Elos Medtech is committed to meet your needs. We once made the first dental implant and are now a design and production partner for eight of the ten largest implant companies in the world. It is fair to say that Elos Medtech is highly specialized in implant dentistry.

Advancing Education with an Innovation Space Built with Additive in Mind

California State University Long Beach has just opened a new Innovation Space (I-Space) Facility with the help of our partners in southern California, Purple Platypus. The  Gerald M. Kline I-Space is a state of the art design and engineering lab located in the University’s newly designed library and features an interdisciplinary design facility.

Kicking Off the Extreme Redesign Challenge 2019

Did you ever think, “I could make that better?” The annual Extreme Redesign Challenge is the perfect time to showcase your design for additive manufacturing skills and win awesome prizes. 

Revolutionizing the World of Orthotics One Child at a Time

Andiamo’s 3D Printed Orthotics

Faster production, enhanced comfort, lower costs and vastly improved patient experience and outcomes, are just some of the benefits 3D printing technology brings to orthotics. Andiamo is an organization pioneering this revolutionary approach to ensure that no child anywhere in the world must wait more than a week for a customized orthotic. Founders Naveed and Samiya Parvez understand only too well the impact that orthotics can have on quality of life.

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