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Hailey Dawson Learns About the Technology Behind Her Hand

Hailey Dawson, the eight-year-old sensation from Nevada, is in many ways your typical third grader. She wants to be an actress when she grows up and enjoys swimming, drawing, and of course flossing (a popular new dance move). In other ways, Hailey is not your average third grader. Hailey has always had a dream to throw out the first pitch for every Major League Baseball team. With help from her parents, Stratasys, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Hailey’s dreams are coming true.

Business Considerations For Production Tooling Conversion To Additive Manufacturing

When most people hear the word “tooling” they think of hammers, screwdrivers, and the other numerous items that can be found at your local hardware store. Manufacturing engineers; however, view tooling in a different light. For them, “tooling” is a family of aids used in the manufacturing and assembly of a product. It can be as simple as a fixture used to fasten a part during assembly or as complex as a mold used to form the shape of a car’s hood.

Traveling Faster than the Speed of Sound

Opening a Door of Opportunities with Supersonic Travel 

Did you know that flights today generally take the same amount of time that they did in the 1950s? As Boom would say, “We can do better.” The good news is that times are changing and Boom is creating ways to save you time on air travel. Supersonic flights are one of the four speeds of flight and allow you to travel faster than the speed of sound. Supersonic flights cut commercial flight time in half and can help you to save hours, if not days, of travel time.

Engineering with a Twist

How do you help customers understand what they are buying before they buy it?  This is a problem that has presented itself to many entrepreneurs and business owners and one that most certainly has manifested itself many times over a summer at the Mr. Twisty ice cream shop on Ridgewood Road in West. St. Cloud. This spring, students in Sartell High School’s Intro to Engineering Design Class were challenged by Erich Rothstein, the owner of Mr. Twisty to help him answer his customer’s questions around the size of the ice cream cones he offered.

Riding High: How Jesse Hahne Of CAD Brings A Personal Touch To His Powersports Passions

Riding around racetracks and speeding on off-road trails, Jesse Hahne grew up on the pegs of a dirt bike. An adrenaline junkie with a huge imagination, Jesse has always had passions for design, engineering, and speed. To fill his thirst for creativity, he decided to attend ATC to study Engineering Design and Outdoor Power. Unable to spend every second of every day on his bike, he wanted to find a way to combine his love for powersports and design engineering.

3D Printing Helps Optimize ROI in Tooling Production

What is Composite Tooling?

Mold composites are commonly used in the aviation industry to create interior composite structures, such as cabinetry or upholstery. Tooling is the process of producing molds used to create composites. Traditional tooling used to create these structures is known to be time and labor intensive, creating high overhead costs for companies. Often times, companies use fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials or metallic materials to create their tools.

Can You Dig It?

Last Wednesday, during a Stratasys company picnic, a few special guests made a special appearance in Eden Prairie. Dave Kindig from Kindig It Designs, his wife Charity and a few others, including Kevdogg, made a pit stop on their way to a nearby car show. The crew came all the way from Utah to display their cars at the MSRA Back to the 50’s Car Show this past weekend, June 22 -24, 2018.

3D Printing Medtech Startup Helps Surgeons Predict And Validate The Best Treatment For A Specific Patient

As 3D printing of patient-specific models evolve as a standard of practice for pre-surgical planning of complex procedures, the face of the medical device industry is changing.  One such entrant is Paris based, early stage medtech firm BIOMODEX who announced earlier this month that it added $15 million to its Series A funding round, bringing the total raised to $18.5 million to support its penetration into the surgical planning segment.

SkillsUSA Helps Develop Leadership Skills Through Educational and 3D Printing Competition

How can you teach students the skills need they may need for the future workforce while engaging them in fun activities? Studies show there is a widening gap between additive manufacturing (AM) skillsets needed on the job and the number of workers who can apply them. As 3D printing becomes more common, an emphasis on student-focused events is crucial to educate the future workforce on new technologies.

Additive Manufacturing Education Is Helping To Bridge The Workforce Development Gap

Additive manufacturing has become a useful and important technology across many industries. Unfortunately, there is a widening gap between additive manufacturing (AM) technology and the number of workers who have the necessary skills needed to implement it. The workforce that is in place is quickly aging out of market, and the future workforce will continue to need these valuable, additive ready skills. To bridge this gap, there needs to be a change in college curriculum surrounding additive manufacturing, ensuring that students will be AM workforce ready upon graduation.

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