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Route to a Dream Home

4 Jun, 2014 By: Michael Reidy

Tech Trends: Designer's imagination pushes EnRoute sign-making software beyond its typical applications.

Dan Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation undertakes a variety of design, sign, and sculpture work featuring colorful relief and full 3D work. His projects run the full spectrum, from a sign for a local business to redesigning a theme park. Every project is one of a kind and a delight to those who see them around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

So it's no surprise that Sawatzky took the same approach in designing his own home. "When my wife, Janis, and I started dreaming of our new house, we knew it would be anything but ordinary," Sawatzky explained. "The house had to be fun!

"While we liked the idea of a storybook house, we also had to be practical. It would be near a busy road, so we could use it to promote our small shop at the rear of the property. It also needed to be quiet and weather the wind, rain, and snow that characterize our region," he said, referring to the town of Chilliwack in southern British Columbia, Canada. The Sawatzkys also wanted a house that spoke of their interests and told a story, and it had to appear to be handcrafted and made of wood.

The dream home's design began in Sawatzky's sketchbook and underwent countless revisions over the course of nearly two decades. The couple found the ideal parcel of land and worked with a home designer to draw up the building plans that were presented to the city.

The exterior of the Sawatzkys' fairy-tale home features fabricated trees that serve as structural and design elements.
The exterior of the Sawatzkys' fairy-tale home features fabricated trees that serve as structural and design elements.

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