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Manufacturing the Future with 3D Printing 2.0   8 Apr, 2014

8 Apr, 2014 - 29 Aug, 2014 | Various cities
These seminars, hosted by 3D Systems resellers in the U.S. and around the globe, will demonstrate how the company's 3DPRINTING 2.0 initiative can help accelerate design-to-manufacturing workflows.

One-Click 3D Model Creation with the Multidrive   29 Jul, 2014

29 Jul, 2014 - 29 Jul, 2014
Viewers of this webinar will learn how to fully automate the scanning of 3D objects using the NextEngine Multidrive.

Solid Edge Superior Sheet Metal Design   30 Jul, 2014

30 Jul, 2014 - 30 Jul, 2014
Novedge will sponsor this webinar, which will demonstrate Solid Edge ST6 FoundationSheet metal design.

How to Avoid Four Common Injection Molding Defects Using SW Plastics   30 Jul, 2014

30 Jul, 2014 - 30 Jul, 2014
Viewers of this webinar will learn about key metrics affecting the bottom line, which SolidWorks Plastics can predict.

Introduction to Solidworks Electrical   31 Jul, 2014

31 Jul, 2014 - 31 Jul, 2014
Fisher/Unitech representatives will show viewers how their team can work together to get products out the door faster, better, and with less rework.

Reverse Engineering Using RapidWorks   31 Jul, 2014

31 Jul, 2014 - 31 Jul, 2014
Those who watch this webinar will learn the process of turning NextEngine Mesh models into fully parametric solid models using RapidWorks 3.5.

Bluebeam Extreme Conference 2014   31 Jul, 2014

31 Jul, 2014 - 1 Aug, 2014 | Loews Hollywood Hotel and the Dolby Ballroom | Hollywood | California | United States (USA)
Bluebeam Software will host this two-day conference to provide Bluebeam users with an opportunity for some eXtreme learning from top industry innovators.

The Ultimate Revit Custom Material Marathon   6 Aug, 2014

6 Aug, 2014 - 6 Aug, 2014
Viewers of this webinar will learn how to find, create, and manage their own custom material libraries in Autodesk Revit.

Early Design in a BIM Workflow with Vectorworks   13 Aug, 2014

13 Aug, 2014 - 13 Aug, 2014
This Novedge webinar will begin with an introduction to design principles specifically targeted to the early phases of a creative workflow.

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Impact Forum 2014   17 Aug, 2014

17 Aug, 2014 - 20 Aug, 2014 | Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center | Buffalo | New York | United States (USA)
Presenters of this four-day event will discuss opportunities that will help participants realize the full potential of advanced manufacturing solutions.

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