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Manufacturing the Future with 3D Printing 2.0   8 Apr, 2014

8 Apr, 2014 - 29 Aug, 2014 | Various cities
These seminars, hosted by 3D Systems resellers in the U.S. and around the globe, will demonstrate how the company's 3DPRINTING 2.0 initiative can help accelerate design-to-manufacturing workflows.

The Power of Graphics and Virtualization    21 Apr, 2014

21 Apr, 2014 - 25 Apr, 2014 | Various Cities | Texas | United States (USA)
This roadshow event from Whitehat Virtual Technologies will explain how a virtualization solution can provide remote 3D modeling access for a dispersed engineering workforce.

Spring 2014 BIMForum   23 Apr, 2014

23 Apr, 2014 - 24 Apr, 2014 | Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel | Boston | Massachusetts | United States (USA)
This spring forum will focus on design and engineering to showcase the best examples of collaboration, optimization, and sustainability.

Problem Solved   24 Apr, 2014

24 Apr, 2014 - 24 Apr, 2014
IMAGINiT's online conference will focus on issues that typically arise when working with internal and external teams, and offer ideas about how to solve or prevent these challenges.

Endless Applications with ColorJet 3D Printing   24 Apr, 2014

24 Apr, 2014 - 24 Apr, 2014
This webinar, sponsored by 3D Systems, will explore how Objex Unlimited integrates ColorJet Printing technology to help its clients acquire new and recurring business, speed product development schedules, and cut costs.

RapidWorks 3D Scanning for CAD   24 Apr, 2014

24 Apr, 2014 - 24 Apr, 2014
This NextEngine webinar will demonstrate the workflow of scanning and converting mesh scan data into editable CAD solids using RapidWorks software.

PTC Creo Data Management   28 Apr, 2014

28 Apr, 2014 - 28 Apr, 2014
This webcast will explore the latest releases of PTC Windchill Solutions for CAD data management.

Zuken Innovation World 2014   28 Apr, 2014

28 Apr, 2014 - 30 Apr, 2014 | The Henry, Fairlane Plaza | Dearborn | Michigan | United States (USA)
This year’s Zuken conference theme is Power of Innovation.

Best Practice Structural Modeling with EdgeWise Structure   29 Apr, 2014

29 Apr, 2014 - 29 Apr, 2014
This webinar will focus on case studies of faster, more accurate workflows using the new EdgeWise Structure.

Reverse Engineering with RapidWorks   29 Apr, 2014

29 Apr, 2014 - 29 Apr, 2014
The process of turning NextEngine mesh models into fully parametric solid models using RapidWorks 3.5 will be the subject of this webinar.

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