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Onshape Basics   13 Oct, 2015

13 Oct, 2015 - 13 Oct, 2015
This company webinar will discuss Onshape's interface, as well as basic part, assembly, and drawing creation.

Autodesk Licensing Changes   13 Oct, 2015

13 Oct, 2015 - 13 Oct, 2015
This SSI webinar will discuss the implications of changes to Autodesk licensing coming in 2016 and how best to apply them in your specific circumstances.

Click2Cast   13 Oct, 2015

13 Oct, 2015 - 13 Oct, 2015
This solidThinking webinar will discuss the company's Click2Cast tool for casting simulations.

ISW: Ideate BIMLink for Revit MEP Projects    13 Oct, 2015

13 Oct, 2015 - 13 Oct, 2015
This Ideate webinar will explore several ways in which Ideate BIMLink can affect changes to a Revit MEP model.

Strata 3D CX ProSkills Class   14 Oct, 2015

14 Oct, 2015 - 16 Oct, 2015 | Chicago | Illinois | United States (USA)
This three-day course will provide an introduction to Strata 3D CX software for SDS modeling and animation as well as practical application and hands-on projects.

e-SPECS for Revit Live Webinar   14 Oct, 2015

14 Oct, 2015 - 14 Oct, 2015
This InterSpec webinar discusses the company's e-SPECS for Revit for automated and coordinated specifications with Autodesk Revit.

What's New in the Autodesk Vault 2016 Essentials Training Guides   15 Oct, 2015

15 Oct, 2015 - 15 Oct, 2015
This ASCENT Center for Technical Knowledge webinar will explain the changes between the company's Autodesk Vault 2015 (R1) and 2016 training guides.

Onshape Drawings   15 Oct, 2015

15 Oct, 2015 - 15 Oct, 2015
This company webinar covers the basics of creating Onshape drawings including drawing views, dimensions, and templates.

Northern California Bentley Bash   16 Oct, 2015

16 Oct, 2015 - 17 Oct, 2015 | Sacramento and Berkeley | California | United States (USA)
This two-day, hands-on training event will enable users to test out new Bentley products, get a refresher on techniques, or see the changes in recent updates.

BIM Forum: VDC for Design Phase Management & Preconstruction   20 Oct, 2015

20 Oct, 2015 - 21 Oct, 2015 | Orlando | Florida | United States (USA)
This conference will focus on how the utilization of virtual design and construction (VDC) techniques in the design and planning phase are ultimately impacting our project outcomes.

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