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REAL 2015   25 Feb, 2015

25 Feb, 2015 - 26 Feb, 2015 | San Francisco | California | United States (USA)
REAL, billed as the first reality computing conference, is a new event that will see the convergence of the professional 3D sensing and 3D making industries.

One-Click 3D Model Creation with the Multidrive   26 Feb, 2015

26 Feb, 2015 - 26 Feb, 2015
NextEngine will show webinar viewers how to automate the scanning of 3D objects using the NextEngine Multidrive turntable.

Organic Surface Modeling in SolidWorks   11 Mar, 2015

11 Mar, 2015 - 11 Mar, 2015
Viewers of this webinar will learn about Power Surfacing v2 for SolidWorks.

NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference   17 Mar, 2015

17 Mar, 2015 - 20 Mar, 2015 | San Jose Convention Center | San Jose | California | United States (USA)
The 2015 NVIDIA GPU technology conference will feature an expanded automotive content track.

Desktop Wide-Format Scanning    19 Mar, 2015

19 Mar, 2015 - 19 Mar, 2015
In this half-hour educational webinar, Contex will provide attendees with tips and tricks to get the most out of their wide-format scanning solutions.

SPAR International 3D Measurement and Imaging Conference   30 Mar, 2015

30 Mar, 2015 - 2 Apr, 2015 | Houston | Texas | United States (USA)
This conference brings together professionals from diverse markets to discover the latest advances and technologies in 3D data capture, processing, and delivery.

FME World Tour 2015   8 Apr, 2015

8 Apr, 2015 - 30 Jun, 2015 | Various cities worldwide
Safe Software will sponsor this single-day FME user meeting in more than 60 cities in 22 countries.

How To Effectively Scan Books and Periodicals    16 Apr, 2015

16 Apr, 2015 - 16 Apr, 2015
This webinar, presented by Contex, will show users how to digitally capture their books, maps, textiles, artwork, and documents.

COFES 2015   16 Apr, 2015

16 Apr, 2015 - 19 Apr, 2015 | Scottsdale Plaza Resort | Scottsdale | Arizona | United States (USA)
The theme of this year’s Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) will be “Stepping Back to See the Big Picture.”

The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) 2015 Education and Training Conference   19 Apr, 2015

19 Apr, 2015 - 23 Apr, 2015 | Jacksonville | Florida | United States (USA)
This users group conference, now in its twenty-seventh year, is open to owners and operators of all additive manufacturing technologies.

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