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2015 Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC)    20 Jul, 2015

20 Jul, 2015 - 24 Jul, 2015 | The Diplomat Hotel | Hollywood | Florida | United States (USA)
This 31st annual event provides a professional venue where attendees can network and learn about the latest innovations in the field of portable 3D industrial measurement technologies.

3D Printshow New York   16 Apr, 2015

16 Apr, 2015 - 19 Apr, 2015 | New York | New York | United States (USA)
Learn about 3D printing and how the technology is transforming design and manufacturing.

ACE 2015   21 Apr, 2015

21 Apr, 2015 - 23 Apr, 2015 | Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center | Detroit | Michigan | United States (USA)
ACE 2015 attendees will discuss, benchmark and collaborate on PLM strategy and best practices for addressing the growing complexity in global product development, systems engineering, manufacturing, quality and the supply chain.

AIA Convention 2015   14 May, 2015

14 May, 2015 - 16 May, 2015 | Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta | Georgia | United States (USA)
President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker, leading an event filled with visionaries, grassroots champions, change agents, and more.

ASSESS (Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering Software Summit) Meeting   12 Mar, 2015

16 Apr, 2015 - 16 Apr, 2015 | Scottsdale | Arizona | United States (USA)
This invitation-only meeting will take place at COFES 2015 to present the key findings of the jointly held summit on discussing and prioritizing issues facing the simulation software market as a whole.

Behind the Design: How ANDesign Uses KeyShot   2 Apr, 2015

2 Apr, 2015 - 2 Apr, 2015
This KeyShot webinar discusses product development and how the ANDesign team uses KeyShot in the design process.

Cloud Rendering Workflow in Revit   1 Apr, 2015

1 Apr, 2015 - 1 Apr, 2015
This Novedge webinar will cover the basic "render in cloud" workflow in Revit, detailing how to share renderings to the gallery and selecting render settings to create quality images.

COFES 2015   16 Apr, 2015

16 Apr, 2015 - 19 Apr, 2015 | Scottsdale Plaza Resort | Scottsdale | Arizona | United States (USA)
The theme of this year’s Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) will be “Stepping Back to See the Big Picture.”

e-SPECS for Revit    1 Apr, 2015

1 Apr, 2015 - 1 Apr, 2015
This InterSpec webinar introduces e-SPECS for Revit.

Fiatech 2015   13 Mar, 2015

13 Apr, 2015 - 15 Apr, 2015 | Boca Raton Resort | Boca Rotan | Florida | United States (USA)
Sessions on BIM, workface collaboration and management, regulatory streamlining, risk management, mobile it, data management, materials management, construction productivity, big data, advance work packaging and asset management.

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