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iOS and Android Apps for Mobile CAD Users

7 Jun, 2012 By: Cadalyst Staff

A sampling of mobile apps available for CAD and GIS users.

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AEC/Civil Engineering

  • 3D Interior Room Design Residential interior design, from HB Conception Virtuelle; 4.79 Android
  • ArchiMeasure Create rooms and surfaces, from GSP Holdings; 3.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Bentley Navigator for the iPad Mobile version of Bentley Navigator V8i desktop software, from Bentley Systems; Free iPad
  • ProjectWise Explorer for the iPad Mobile version of Bentley ProjectWise Explorer collaboration software, from Bentley Systems; Free iPad
  • Home Design 3D by LiveCad Create, layout, design, and view home plans, from Anuman; 7.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Home Design Interior Space Planning Tool Interior design and space planning, from M.O.C. Interior Designer; 1.99 iPad
  • HVAC Duct Sizer Duct sizing analysis, from Carmel Software; 6.99 iPad/iPhone/Android
  • MagicPlan Measures, draws, and publishes interactive floor plans using pictures, from Sensopia; Free iPad/iPhone
  • Quick3DPlan Mobile Draw a room, from Microcad Software; 2.99 iPad/iPhone
  • RedStick Site CAD Measure using a Bluetooth-enabled laser device or a tape, from Spatial; 57.76 Android
  • Room Design Interior design and home remodeling, from Magichour; 3.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Site-CAD Draw site plans and save as DXF, from Key Systems; 7.00 Android


  • AndCAD Create and edit DXF drawings, from Talon Designs; 34.99 Android
  • ApliCAD WMS Connect to WMS server, from ApliCAD; Free iPad/iPhone
  • AutoCAD WS View, edit, and share DWG files, from Autodesk; Free iPad/iPhone/Android
  • AutoQ3D CAD Create 2D and 3D technical drawings, from AutoQ3D Team; 30.00 Android
  • BoomCAD Create CAD drawings, from Audio Artillery 1.99 iPad/iPhone
  • cadTouch R2 Create floorplans, land surfaces, façades, mechanical or structural parts, diagrams, field notes, from neoDev; 14.99 iPad/iPhone
  • CADView View and print CAD drawings created in FastCAD and EasyCAD, from CADView Free iPad/iPhone
  • Design Review Mobile Review Autodesk 2D and 3D design files, from Autodesk; Free iPad/iPhone/Android
  • FingerCAD CAD drawing using your fingers, from FingerCAD; 5.99 iPad/iPhone
  • GraphPad Engineering drawing application, from Robert Shawhan 2.99 iPhone
  • GstarCAD MC View, create, annotate, edit, and share drawings, from Suzhou Gstarsoft; Free iPad/iPhone
  • iDesign 2D vector drawing and design TouchAware; 4.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Inard Create CAD drawings, from Pär Steffansson 19.95 Android
  • iPocket Draw Vector drawing program, from adX; 11.99 iPad/iPhone
  • SitePAD Create, manage, and integrate CAD files remotely, from Fresh Design Base; £6.99 iPad/iPhone
  • SketchBook Mobile Painting and drawing application, from Autodesk; 1.99 iPad/iPhone/Android
  • SketchBook Mobile Express Painting and drawing application, from Autodesk; Free Android
  • SketchBook Pro Painting and drawing application, from Autodesk; 4.99 Android
  • vueCAD CAD viewer, 3D visualization and mark-up, from Titansan Engineering; 9.99 iPad/iPhone


  • CARTOMAP CAD Create, read, edit, send, and receive DWG/DXF/CTM files, from ANEBA Geoinformatica; 19.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Droid 2 CAD Capture and export points or locations using GPS, from QubeCAD; Free Android
  • iGIS Load, view, investigate, create, and export spatial data over a background of Google Maps imagery, from Geometry; Free iPad/iPhone
  • iMapIt Lite Map, survey, and measure places, from Marcus Silva; Free iPad/iPhone
  • iMapIt Pro Map, survey, and measure places, from Marcus Silva; 2.99 iPad/iPhone


  • iCircuit Design circuits, from Krueger Systems; 9.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Sketcher 3D Pro 3D modeling, design, and physics, from Doktor3D; 0.99 Android


  • 3DSurfScan View, create, modify, and export 3D surface models, from NeoTrux Systems; 3.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Frame design 2D 2D linear analysis FEM application, from CloudConstruc; Free Android
  • Glovius Interact with 3D models, from Geometric; 9.99 iPad/iPhone/Android
  • NaviCAD Access the Google 3D Warehouse from your mobile device, from Charles Han; 0.99 iPad/iPhone


  • ARCAT Libraries for CAD details, BIM content, and specifications, from ARCAT; Free iPad/iPhone
  • AutoCAD Engineering Scale Factor Scale objects, parts of objects, or one dimension of an object, from Jgytec 1.99 iPad/iPhone
  • AutoCAD Scale Factor Full Version Scale objects, parts of objects, or one dimension of an object, from Jgytec; 2.99 iPad/iPhone
  • Design Dimensions Visual database of common references, from Arc Mist; Free Android
  • Design Dimensions Pro Visual database of common references, from Arc Mist; 4.99 Android
  • iSpecsUDOT UDOT 2008 Standard Specifications for road and bridge construction, from Tibberts; 4.99 iPad/iPhone

Tips and Training

  • 3DS - Dassault Systèmes View news, events, blog posts, customer stories, and videos, from Dassault Systèmes; Free iPad/iPhone
  • AutoCAD Q&A AutoCAD questions and answers, from Patrick Emin; Free Android
  • Google SketchUp Cookbook Tutorials for solving design problems, from O’Reilly Media; 6.99 iPad/iPhone/4.99 Android
  • Learn AutoCAD 2011 Quickly and Easily Training course, from Infinite Skills; 9.99 iPad/iPhone/Android
  • Learn SolidWorks 2011 Quickly and Easily Training course, from Infinite Skills; 9.99 iPad/iPhone
  • SolidWorks AP Learn about SolidWorks, from Bliss Software; Free iPad/iPhone
  • SolidWorks Tips Daily Video tutorials and tips, from SolidWorks Tips; Free Android


  • CadFaster View, share, mark up, and co-view Revit, MicroStation, and SolidWorks models stored in your CadFaster 3D model box, from Cadfaster; Free iPad
  • CadRemote Interact with 3D models, from Maide; Free iPad/iPhone
  • Drawvis Free View AutoCAD DXF files, from DOT Systems; Free iPad/iPhone
  • DXF Viewer 3D 3D solid model DXF file viewer, from Afanche Technologies; 2.99 iPad/iPhone/Android
  • iCAD Free View CAD and 3D models, from Novatek; Free iPhone
  • iCAD Professional View and share CAD and 3D models, from Novatek; 59.99 iPhone
  • Inventor Publisher Viewer View 3D assembly instructions created with Autodesk Inventor Publisher, from Autodesk; Free iPad/iPhone/Android
  • iRhino 3D View native Rhino 3DM files, from Robert McNeel & Associates; 3.99 iPad/iPhone
  • iXVL View 3D viewer that displays XVL files, from Lattice Technology; Free iPad/iPhone
  • JT View 3D 3D JT data file viewer, from Afanche Technologies; 2.99 Android
  • Large Viewer View documents exceeding 48” x 36” or 100 pages, from Corporate Smalltalk Consulting; 9.99 iPad/iPhone
  • nvDXF Lite DXF file viewer, from Novel CAE Solutions; Free iPad/iPhone
  • on-hand viewer lite Download and view 3D data from FTP server, from MWFTechnology; Free iPad/iPhone
  • Palette MOVE Presents Palette CAD files in virtual reality, from Palette CAD; Free iPad/iPhone/Android
  • RapidCAD Viewer AutoCAD DXF file viewer, from Binary Mobility; 9.99 Android
  • SimLab 3D STL Viewer View 3D models in STL files, from Simulation Lab Software; 1.99 iPad/iPhone
  • STL View 3D 3D solid model STL file viewer, from Afanche Technologies; 2.99 Android
  • STL Viewer Download/view STL files, from Micro Systems Engineering; 2.99 iPad/iPhone
  • STL Viewer Pro Point cloud viewer and STL file viewer, from Architecture3D; Free Android
  • TurboViewer 2D/3D native DWG viewer, from IMSI/Design; Free iPad/iPhone/Android
  • TurboViewer Pro Additional functionality from free TurboViewer app with hidden line, x-ray, shaded, layer management, and more, from IMSI/Design; 24.99 iPad/iPhone/Android


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