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WiseImage Pro 5.1

1 Jun, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

4.5 stars out of 5
WiseImage Pro 5.1’s WiseImage Pro 5.1 is a hybrid drawing viewer and raster-to-vector converter. The Filters pull-down menu presents a variety of viewing options.
WiseImage Pro is hybrid drawing and raster-to-vector conversion software. Using WiseImage Pro you can semiautomatically and automatically edit, update, and convert entities such as scanned maps, drawings, sketches, and other graphics into vectors. You can import supported CAD drawings into WiseImage Pro and export them to DWG, DXF, and DGN vector formats.

WiseImage Pro gives you a fairly large variety of options and toolbars. For experienced users, access to functionality through these toolbars is extremely useful, though they might be somewhat daunting to novice users. The toolbars are repositionable, and you can customize the workspace.

Although WiseImage Pro offers good functionality, the price is high for what it delivers. It can’t view DGN file formats (although you can export to DGN), ACIS, IGES, and STEP files. It also doesn’t support TGA and PCX raster formats. On the flip side, you can simultaneously load an unlimited number of raster images. Though WiseImage Pro’s inability to view 3D DWG files is a minus, this is somewhat mitigated by its direct scanner support via the TWAIN interface and its raster-to-vector conversion capabilities. It supports on-the-fly vectorization of specific areas, and color separation tools place colors on various layers. You can make raster copies of vector objects and add them to a raster image. All of these features are relatively easy to use.

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