GeoPDF Format to Become Output Option for Cadcorp SIS Users

13 Feb, 2008

Agreement between TerraGo Technologies and Cadcorp includes new format in an upcoming release.

TerraGo Technologies announced this week that it has signed a partnership agreement with Cadcorp to make the GeoPDF format available to users of Cadcorp SIS (Spatial Information System) as an output option for geospatial data from its family of GIS applications. A Map2PDF version for Cadcorp SIS applications will be available at the next release of Cadcorp SIS.

GeoPDF uses Adobe PDF technology to give users mapping functionality and capabilities via Adobe Reader. Using the GeoPDF format, Cadcorp SIS users can share geospatial data by extending maps, imagery, and attribute data to virtually any computer.

"The ability to export files in the GeoPDF format extends the already extensive PDF export capability of Cadcorp SIS and gives global Cadcorp customers more options for publishing geospatial data to a variety of users," said Martin Daly, technical director, Cadcorp.

After the GeoPDF files are enabled for markups and comments, they can be distributed by e-mail, CD, or on a thumb drive. End users can access the GeoPDF Toolbar, a plug-in to Adobe applications, to view and manipulate GeoPDF files -- querying attributes, displaying a variety of mapping data, utilizing mapping functions, and adding notes and comments.

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