Chroma 8040

1 Jul, 2001 By: Michael Lennox

The Contex Chroma 8040, part of a family of large-format color scanners.

5 stars out of 5

The Contex Chroma 8040 ($24,900), part of a family of large-format color scanners, has a scanning width of 40" and accepts documents as wide as 42". You can scan mounted documents or artwork up to 0.6" thick. With the test document, the Chroma 8040 performed well, scanning a D-size full-color image at 400dpi in 1 minute, 31 seconds. Dual Ultrafast SCSI ports let you connect two computers to archive and copy from the same scanner.

Whether you scan in color or in black and white, WIDEimage software helps you create the best possible scan through a variety of straightforward tools.

To achieve the best possible scan quality, even from poor-quality originals, the Contex Chroma 8040 features hardware-based image enhancements such as background suppression and edge enhancement in real time without a time-consuming prescan. Its ability to capture data at 36 bits ensures maximum color precision. Contex scanners also provide excellent color fidelity from input to output through the use of industry-standard ICC (International Color Consortium) profiles and closed-loop calibration, in which you print a predetermined palette on your printer and then scan it back in. The software then makes the appropriate color adjustments. Contex will soon announce an easier-to-use one-step calibration system.

Contex provides two applications, JETimage and WIDEimage, for use with the 8040. JETimage BASE is wide-format copy software provided free with the scanner. It lets you copy documents in as few as five steps. JETimage presents an assortment of document types that you choose from before you scan so the software uses optimum settings. You can customize the settings that accompany each document type. JETimage Pro adds features such as paneling to create large images and nesting to conserve media. JET-image uses a nonstandard menu system that makes some tools and settings difficult to find, but it's designed to accommodate both mouse and touch-screen users. WIDEimage, Contex' scanning software, is easy to use and offers powerful features such as on-the-fly image realignment, color correction, blur and sharpen filters, a range of scanning modes, and more. Highly Recommended.

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