imagePROGRAF W7250

1 May, 2003 By: Michael Lennox


5 stars out of 5
Highly RecommendedCanon, one of the pioneers in color inkjet technology, has produced inkjet products since the late 1980s. Its large-format inkjet printers follow through with a tradition of quality. The imagePROGRAF W7250 was the smallest of the printers reviewed (240), and it comes with a corresponding smaller price tag ($3,495). If the quality of the W7250 is an indication, however, those in the market for a 360 printer should look at the imagePROGRAF W7200. Canon also carries a 420 printer-the BJ-W9000.

Canon imagePROGRAF W7250
The ImagePROGRAF W7250 from Canon is easy to use and offers excellent print speed and quality.
The W7250 handles 240 roll media and sheet stock. It uses a six-ink system that extends CMYK with photo cyan and photo magenta inks. Capable of 1200dpi resolution in standard mode, the imagePROGRAF W7250 produces excellent color images out of the box.

In both the line drawing test and photographic image test, the imagePROGRAF W7250 performs admirably, printing the D-size line drawing at high quality in 2 minutes, 29 seconds and the photographic image in just over 3 minutes. The line drawing is sharp and crisp. The color quality of the photographic image is excellent. Although it's not required to produce quality prints, Canon recommends the addition of a RIP for professional applications.

The imagePROGRAF W7250 ships standard with a USB 1.1 interface and a 10BaseT/100 BaseTX Ethernet interface for easy network connection. An IEEE 1394 FireWire connection is also available as an option for the W7250 (standard on the W7200). You can configure the networked printer through a Web browser. Canon provides software that lets you set up the network properties remotely.

The imagePROGRAF W7250 is generally easy to use. The navigational LCD display panel is small, but the documentation does a good job of walking through each step. The paper loading on the imagePROGRAF W7250 is the easiest of the printers reviewed.

If you're looking for both speed and printing quality in a 240 inkjet printer, make sure the imagePROGRAF W7250 is on your list. Highly Recommended.

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