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3Dlabs’ Wildcat4 7110 is a full-length, double-width AGP 8X graphics card that with a single monitor supports resolutions as high as 192031080.
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The 3DlabsWildcat4 7110 is a full-length, double-width AGP 8X graphics card that not all systems can accommodate. An empty PCI slot adjacent to the AGP slot is required to handle the width of the 7110, although the card does not use the PCI slot for connectivity.

In addition to two DVI-I compatible digital video output connectors, the Wildcat4 7110 has a female 3-pin mini-DIN connector to support an LCD shutter glasses emitter module or other stereo shutter device (an adapter is available to drive two analog monitors). System-level drivers are currently available for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP, and Linux drivers (Red Hat 7.3) are expected in the first quarter of 2003. 3Dlabs also offers a Wildcat4 7210 graphics card that provides Genlock and multiview support, as well as more onboard memory and faster performance. Windows drivers currently support the 7110 at resolutions up to 204831536 at 60Hz in 32-bit color mode.

The Wildcat4 technology incorporates what 3Dlabs calls SuperScene antialiasing, an enhanced version of an antialiasing technique traditionally called multisampling. SuperScene antialiasing (128-plane mode) is supported by the Wildcat4 7110 on a single monitor at resolutions as high as 192031080.

For this particular graphics card roundup, the Wildcat4 7110 showed very good performance figures, if not the fastest of the lot. We tested with the latest version ( of the drivers posted on the 3Dlabs Web site at the time we ran our tests. 3Dlabs also offers accelerated drivers for AutoCAD (Heidi) and discreet's 3ds max. The company has tested and certified drivers for use with a broad range of 2D and 3D applications.

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