HP Marries Workstation Power with Ultrabook Portability

10 Sep, 2013 By: Robert Green

Company launches three brand-new ZBooks and introduces updated Z workstations and two new IPS displays.

A thin-client mount is also available for the H27i and Z30i monitors to allow a HP Thin Client module to be mounted directly to the monitor — an option likely to be most popular in financial markets where screen size rather than processing power is of paramount need.

The new thin-client mount.

The new Z displays use IPS Generation 2 panels, which yield a quoted 37% (ENERGY STAR–qualified and EPEAT Gold–certified) power savings over the prior generation of Z displays with the same color accuracy over a 178-degree viewing field. Taken together, the new displays can perform better in a variety of environments while using less energy and providing a greater degree of viewing field for collaborative uses such as design reviews or demonstrations.

Customer Stories

A variety of HP clients from industries as diverse as video production, aerospace engineering, and automotive design discussed their use of HP desktop and mobile workstations. In what must have been music to HP’s ears, the video production and film users raved the most about Thunderbolt support for the huge data loads produced in digital filmmaking and said they’ve turned in their Mac computers for HP Z820 workstations.

None of the customers talked about wanting cheaper computers; they all talked about wanting reliable workhorse machines that could handle big computing loads and data sets without breaking a sweat. More than one commented, “I don’t care what the workstation costs so long as it is fast and doesn’t break!”

HP customer Sage Cheshire Aerospace chronicled its analytical applications for design of the crew capsule for the Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Stratos jump using various software platforms on Z420 workstations.

Pricing and Availability

The HP ZBook 15 and 17 mobile workstations are available worldwide today, and the HP ZBook 14 is scheduled for release in late October. Pricing was not released. The enhanced HP Z420 ($1,399), Z620 ($1,689), and Z820 ($2,439) are planned to be available in October, as is the HP Z27i (starting at $729). The HP Z30i is available today (starting at $1,329).

Summing Up

It was fun, if just for a couple of days, to be in a place where computing performance was celebrated and no apologies were made for wanting a supermachine on every desktop. And based on the metrics of quality, raw power, and massive data bandwidth, it seems HP has delivered a big performance upgrade across its Z product family lineup.

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