Add Your Own Synonyms into AutoCAD Video
Add Your Own Synonyms to AutoCAD   11 May, 2015

Do you work with software products besides AutoCAD? Would you prefer to use some of the same “lingo” that you’re familiar with? Join Lynn Allen as she shows you how to add synonyms into AutoCAD to improve your user experience!More>>

Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 20, No. 16) Article
Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 20, No. 16)   4 May, 2015

Edit attribute values for multiple blocks in the Properties palette, plus more tips, tools, and resources for CAD managers and users.More>>

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Mobile Workstations Have the Right Stuff for Continued Growth   1 May, 2015

CAD professionals have more computing choices than ever before, but the mobile workstation market is on the upswing despite the proliferation of other options. More>>

Working With Large Files in Autodesk Inventor Article
Working With Large Files in Autodesk Inventor   1 May, 2015

IMAGINiT Tricks Tutorial: Don't get stuck waiting for your files — update your settings and save time now.More>>

CAD Tech News (#16)   30 Apr, 2015

Questioning reliance on 3D printing in product development; tricks for navigating Femap's Model Info tree; and more.More>>

Shortcuts for Navigating Femap's Model Info Tree Article
Shortcuts for Navigating Femap's Model Info Tree   30 Apr, 2015

Femap Tips and Tricks: If you're working with a long list of entities, such as Materials or Properties, save yourself some time by using the Model Info entity scrolling capability.More>>

Herrera on Hardware: 3D Printing Can Speed Modern CAD Workflows — or Slow Them Down Article
3D Printing Can Speed Modern CAD Workflows — or Slow Them Down   30 Apr, 2015

Herrera on Hardware: The advent of cheap, fast, and easily accessible 3D printing shouldn't fundamentally change the way we design and validate products.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#342)   29 Apr, 2015

Perfect Your Fundamental CAD Technology; New SSDs Deliver Brute Bandwidth; and more.More>>

CAD Manager's Toolbox: New SSDs Deliver Brute Bandwidth Article
New SSDs Deliver Brute Bandwidth   29 Apr, 2015

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Latest announcements in solid-state drives promise faster handling of large data sets.More>>

CAD Manager Column: Perfect Your Fundamental CAD Technology Article
Perfect Your Fundamental CAD Technology   29 Apr, 2015

CAD Manager Column: Before you push to adopt the latest cutting-edge hardware and software developments, optimize the tech you already have.More>>