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CAD Cartoon   28 Mar, 2014

Check out the latest CAD Cartoon from Roger Penwill and Cadalyst.More>>

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GTC 2014: A Virtual Showcase for Tomorrow's CAD Tools   27 Mar, 2014

Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference demonstrates that the computer graphics industry can never have enough applications.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#359)   27 Mar, 2014

A high school student is introduced to 3D modeling and 3D printing; tutorial explains how to verify ID numbering in Femap.More>>

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Gargoyles Take Flight in High School Design Class   27 Mar, 2014

One student's foray into modeling with Autodesk Mudbox and 3D printing shows how inspiring it can be to take an idea from drawing to reality.More>>

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Citrix Desktop Virtualization Infographic   26 Mar, 2014

If you're suffering from missed deadlines, poor file management, or another of the problems pictured in this Citrix infographic, desktop virtualization could be the answer.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#318)   26 Mar, 2014

Coordinate with your IT department over necessary IT access; record user reactions to create better software training programs.More>>

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Conduct Usability Studies for CAD/BIM    26 Mar, 2014

A/V recordings of hands-on software interactions can help you design better tools for your users.More>>

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Advocate for Internet Access for CAD Tools   26 Mar, 2014

Are you battling with your IT department over a necessary resource? As CAD software becomes increasingly Internet-enabled, these conflicts are intensifying — so it’s time to start talking.More>>

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Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 19, No. 10)   24 Mar, 2014

Clean up your AutoCAD drawings with the Join command, plus more tips, tools, and resources for CAD managers and users.More>>

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Clean Up Your AutoCAD Drawing with the Join Command   24 Mar, 2014

The Join command is a great means of converting multiple contiguous objects into one — and now it’s easier to use.More>>