Decision-Making Metrics for Cloud-Based CAD Article
Decision-Making Metrics for Cloud-Based CAD   12 Jul, 2017

CAD Manager Column: Determining whether cloud-based resources are right for your company can be confusing. For greater clarity, start your evaluation with this checklist. More>>

Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 2, No. 13)   10 Jul, 2017

Remove AutoCAD Polyline segments; understand cloud software strategies for product development; and more.More>>

The Fastest Way to Remove a Polyline Segment in AutoCAD Video
The Fastest Way to Remove a Polyline Segment in AutoCAD   10 Jul, 2017

Are you working too hard — are you using PEDIT to remove a segment from a polyline? Join Autodesk Evangelist Lynn Allen as she shows you a super speedy technique to easily remove one or more polyline segments without needing to explode the polyline.More>>

CAD Tech News (#67)   6 Jul, 2017

Alex Herrera examines virtual workstations; Autodesk Generative Design set to launch this year.More>>

blank Article
Autodesk Announces Its First Commercial Generative Design Product   30 Jun, 2017

Scheduled for launch in Netfabb 2018, Autodesk Generative Design seeks to help product designers by boosting the “computer-aided” part of CAD. More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#386)   28 Jun, 2017

Understand the real-world benefits and liabilities of CAD on the cloud.More>>

Harnessing the Cloud for CAD: The Case for Virtual Workstations Article
Harnessing the Cloud for CAD: The Case for Virtual Workstations   28 Jun, 2017

Herrera on Hardware: The demands of CAD-heavy workflows in manufacturing, design, architecture, and construction are growing. Some companies are looking beyond their local machines, and implementing virtual computing options to augment or replace traditional deskside and laptop workstations.More>>

Get a Grip on the Cloud for CAD Article
Get a Grip on the Cloud for CAD   28 Jun, 2017

CAD Manager Column: If you’re trying to make smart choices about cloud technologies for your company, don’t base your decisions on hype and hearsay — start by understanding real-world benefits and liabilities. More>>

Summer on the Cloud 2017 Article
Cadalyst Debuts ‘Summer on the Cloud’ for 2017   27 Jun, 2017

Running all season long, the special series of content will deliver software, hardware, and managerial insight for CAD and IT professionals. More>>

Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 2, No. 12)   26 Jun, 2017

Zoom in with AutoCAD's View Cube, watch GTC sessions on demand, and more.More>>

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