Embed an Image File in AutoCAD Video
Embed an Image File in AutoCAD   13 Jul, 2015

Attaching an image file into your AutoCAD drawing only inserts it as a reference, which means always sending the image file along with the AutoCAD drawing. (What a hassle!) Join Autodesk Technical Evangelist Lynn Allen as she shows you how to embed an image file so it becomes part of the drawing...More>>

CAD Tech News (#21)   9 Jul, 2015

Reviews of new workstations from HP, Maingear, and Dell; and more.More>>

HP Z440 Workstation Article
HP Z440 Workstation   9 Jul, 2015

First Look Review: Desktop model offers excellent price-to-performance ratio for CAD users.More>>

Maingear Quantum F131 Article
Maingear Quantum F131   9 Jul, 2015

First Look Review: Deskside tower brings a unique form factor and high performance to the table.More>>

Dell Precision 5810 Deskside Workstation Article
Dell Precision 5810   9 Jul, 2015

First Look Review: This solid performer offers high-quality engineering and excellent rendering performance.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#347)   8 Jul, 2015

The CAD Workstation Configuration Cheat Sheet; Compute Optimal RAM Easily; and more.More>>

The CAD Workstation Configuration Cheat Sheet Article
The CAD Workstation Configuration Cheat Sheet   8 Jul, 2015

CAD Manager Column: To ensure you've got the computing power your software requires, check these guidelines before you make your purchase. More>>

Compute Optimal RAM Easily Article
Compute Optimal RAM Easily   8 Jul, 2015

CAD Manager’s Toolbox: Make sure your workstation has enough RAM.More>>

Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 20, No. 24) Article
Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 20, No. 24)   6 Jul, 2015

Find your missing annotation scale list when it disappears from the AutoCAD status bar, plus more tips, tools, and resources for CAD managers and users.More>>

blank Article
The Sly CAD User’s Guide to Professional Development    1 Jul, 2015

How can you get the training you need if you don't have management's support? Try these tips to get started on your own. More>>

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