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Do You Have the Power? Part 2   19 Feb, 2015

Herrera on Hardware: Don't make an aftermarket upgrade; choose the right power supply unit for your workstation configuration from the get-go.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#337)   11 Feb, 2015

Autodesk makes a move toward subscription-only access; Windows 10 is on the way; and more.More>>

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Alert! Windows 10 Coming Soon Article
Alert! Windows 10 Coming Soon   10 Feb, 2015

CAD Manager's Toolbox: It's on its way, so take a quick look at Microsoft’s new operating system now.More>>

How Will You Buy CAD Software in 2016? Article
How Will You Buy CAD Software in 2016?   10 Feb, 2015

Autodesk and other software developers are moving toward subscription-only access to software. The time to plan for the transition is now!More>>

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Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 20, No. 5)    9 Feb, 2015

Discover AutoCAD's Attsync command, plus more tips, tools, and resources for CAD managers and users.More>>

Never Lose Track of Your AutoCAD Drawing Again! (Lynn Allen/Cadalyst Magazine) Video
Never Lose Track of Your AutoCAD Drawing Again!   9 Feb, 2015

Remembering which directory your open drawing file came from can be daunting. Sure, we can use SaveAs to check out the drawing directory — but why waste time doing that? Join Lynn Allen as she shows you a better way!More>>

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Viewing the Future of Monitors for CAD   8 Feb, 2015

Will new technologies replace the familiar hardware on your desktop? Monitor makers share their predictions.More>>

CAD Tech News (#10)   5 Feb, 2015

3Dconnexion launches a mouse just for CAD users; customers of standalone Autodesk products will be moved to subscription plans; and more.More>>

3Dconnexion CadMouse Article
3Dconnexion Introduces CadMouse   5 Feb, 2015

Coming soon, the device aims to meet the needs — and overcome the mouse-related frustrations — of CAD users. More>>

Autodesk logo Article
Autodesk Announces Subscription-Only Access for Standalone Desktop Software    4 Feb, 2015

Beginning in February 2016, customers who own perpetual licenses without a Maintenance Subscription will have to move to a subscription plan the next time they upgrade.More>>