The Virtual Building: Focus on the Art of Design   12 Feb, 2004

This series of articles will define Graphisoft?s Virtual Building concept and demonstrate how technology can return architects? focus to the craft of building design.More>>

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StudioTools 11 & ImageStudio 1   1 Feb, 2004

Many Cadalyst readers work in the engineering or the drafting side of the business, where your primary interests lie in working out a detailed design solution and producing finished working drawings. You tend to use software such as Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks. StudioTools is a...More>>

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Tech Trends   1 Feb, 2004

On January 16, 2004, on a clear bright day in space, engineers at ASI (Alliance Spacesystems) in Pasadena, California, held their collective breaths as a project they had poured their best efforts into faced its ultimate test. Given that this proof-is-in-the-pudding event lasted only a handful of...More>>

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PDM Manages MCAD Data   1 Feb, 2004

This month we focus on PDM (product data management) and how it helps you manage the design data explosion that's occurring in your engineering departments. I'm sure you've noticed that every viable MCAD offering today either has an add-on PDM application or provides one with the base package.More>>

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@Xi MTower 64   1 Feb, 2004

The @Xi MTower 64 is based on a single AMD Athlon 64 FX-51 2.2GHz processor supported by the NVIDIA nForce3 Pro HyperTransport chipset. Cadalyst used this system, with an NVIDIA FX3000 graphics card, to test the LCD monitors in the roundup on p. 14. The system came equipped with 2GB of DDR PC2X00...More>>

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LCD Monitors   1 Feb, 2004

Big displays are more readily available and the underlying technology is improved, so in this roundup of LCD monitors, Cadalyst tests larger displays than in past reviews. Monitor requirements included a minimum 20" viewable screen area with resolution of at least 1280X1024 in 24-bit color. We...More>>

January 2004 Index   14 Jan, 2004

The Advertising and Editorial Index lists companies and products appearing in the January issue of Cadalyst.More>>

On the Job: The New Lamborghini   13 Jan, 2004

ICEM's surface modeling, analysis, and visualization software helps Lamborghini cut Gallardo development time and costsMore>>

On the Job: Not just for chat rooms anymore   13 Jan, 2004

Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Architecture & Engineering implemented Omnipod?s instant messaging and file-sharing platform to bring four remote offices closer together.More>>

Efficiency experts   7 Jan, 2004

The productivity numbers tell us that organizations have squeezed most of the inefficiencies out of their current processes.More>>

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