CAD Tech News (#74)   19 Oct, 2017

Survey assesses interest in cloud-based CAD; Bentley Systems upgrades its cloud platform.More>>

CAD in the Cloud Is Coming — Eventually Article
CAD in the Cloud Is Coming — Eventually   19 Oct, 2017

Jon Peddie Research and Business Advantage find that many CAD users aren’t interested in cloud-based CAD yet — but the shift has begun.More>>

Year in Infrastructure 2017: Bentley Systems Seeks to Ditch Dark Data with New Take on iModels Article
Year in Infrastructure 2017: Bentley Systems Seeks to Ditch Dark Data with New Take on iModels   14 Oct, 2017

By moving beyond information containers to timelines, the company hopes to give infrastructure professionals a better handle on the constant in AEC projects: change. More>>

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How Your Business Can Benefit from an AutoCAD-to-MicroStation Transition    11 Oct, 2017

From more flexible licensing options to increased competitive advantage, the payoffs are many for a company considering this major software move. More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#393)   11 Oct, 2017

Make a case to your boss for better workstations for your CAD users. More>>

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Don’t Be Penny Wise and Workstation Foolish, Part 1   11 Oct, 2017

Professional, powerful CAD workstations are cheap when you realize how much wasted time they can help avoid. Here’s how to determine their true value to your company and make a case to your boss for better equipment.More>>

Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 2, No. 19)   9 Oct, 2017

Dock your AutoCAD palettes for easy access; adjust your chair and desk for more ergonomic computing; and more.More>>

AutoCAD Video Tips: Dock Palettes for Speedy Access Video
Dock AutoCAD Palettes for Speedy Access   9 Oct, 2017

Join Lynn Allen as she addresses the number-one question she gets about her videos. She’ll also show you how docking palettes for easy access can save you lots of time! More>>

CAD Tech News (#73)   5 Oct, 2017

NVIDIA's AI plans; SOLIDWORKS 2018 and augmented design.More>>

NVIDIA’s Long Game Takes GPU from Graphics Workhorse to AI Powerhouse, Part 2 Article
NVIDIA’s Long Game: The Evolution from GPU Maker to AI Computing Company, Part 2   4 Oct, 2017

Tony Paikeday explains where NVIDIA is taking graphics processing units (GPUs), and where artificial intelligence (AI) will take CAD users.More>>

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