AutoCAD Video Tips: Save Layer States with Named Views Video
Save AutoCAD Layer States with Named Views   25 Jun, 2018

Yes, you heard that right: You can save your layer settings along with a named view. Just think of all the time you’re going to save! Join AutoCAD Tipster Lynn Allen as she shows you how to add this powerful AutoCAD tool to your arsenal!More>>

CAD Tech News (#88)   21 Jun, 2018

An introduction to Solid Edge 2019 and changes to NX; Herrera on Hardware examines the deskside workstation form factor.More>>

CAD Workstation Form Factors 101, Part 2 Article
CAD Workstation Form Factors 101, Part 2: The Tried-and-True Deskside Workstation   21 Jun, 2018

Herrera on Hardware: You know that the deskside form factor is the familiar mainstay of the CAD workstation world — but do you know why?More>>

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Dear MicroStation Maxine: What Kind of Support Is Available for a Migration to MicroStation?   20 Jun, 2018

Bentley Systems provides procedural and technical support as well as endless learning resources to support CAD managers, users, and their companies making the transition.More>>

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What's New for Solid Edge and NX   18 Jun, 2018

At the annual PLM Connection user conference, Siemens PLM Software developers introduced Solid Edge 2019 and upcoming continuous-release delivery of NX, as well as a new partnership with HP to enable design for full-color 3D printing. More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#407)   13 Jun, 2018

Take a deeper dive into the tools and techniques that can help you build a higher-quality CAD environment.More>>

Quality Control for CAD Managers, Part 2 Article
Quality Control for CAD Managers, Part 2   13 Jun, 2018

CAD Manager Column: If you’re ready to begin the journey toward a more efficient and error-free CAD work environment, equip yourself with these four tools for quality improvement. More>>

Cadalyst Video Picks (Vol. 3, No. 10)   11 Jun, 2018

Use Named Views to navigate AutoCAD drawings; hear expert commentary on whether building information modeling (BIM) improves project communication; and more.More>>

Navigate AutoCAD Drawings at Lightning Speed with Named Views Video
Navigate AutoCAD Drawings at Lightning Speed with Named Views   11 Jun, 2018

Are you tired of zooming in and zooming out to find the desired location in a drawing? Named Views to the rescue! Now you can save specific areas in your drawings as views and jet straight to them, efficiently and speedily. Join Lynn Allen as she shows you the power of Named Views, and you’ll...More>>

CAD Tech News (#87)   7 Jun, 2018

Siemens promotes fully digitalized manufacturing processes at Siemens PLM Connection Americas; Onshape makes a case for the irrelevancy of PDM.More>>

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