SmartPLOT 3.6   1 Mar, 2001

SmartPLOT 3.6 from Technesis lets you track plots directly from AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and MicroStation.More>>

Utilities to keep tabs on plotting costs   1 Mar, 2001

Plot-tracking software automates data collection and billingMore>>

LT On-line: Lesson 12   1 Mar, 2001

Why Line when you can Pline?More>>

Entity Level Reactors in VBA   1 Mar, 2001

Reactors are functions we write that run in response to something happening in the computer system.More>>

Software updates: Patches and service packs   1 Feb, 2001

My December column generated quite a bit of feedback, most of it agreeing with my concerns about the fast pace of software upgrades. This month I'll discuss a related subject: how to control and manage the update patches and bug fixes that are also released rapidly. In...More>>

LT On-line: Lesson 11   1 Feb, 2001

Xrefs: layers, loading, and logsMore>>

Explore parallel universes   1 Feb, 2001

Long, long ago, the AutoCAD world was flat.More>>

A New Openness   1 Feb, 2001

Release 5 of Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop, profiles no longer need to form a closed loop. In fact a profile can be as simple as a single line.More>>

Revenge of the paper space cadets   1 Jan, 2001

In my July 2000 column, "Lost in paper space", I took on the contentious question of whether to use paper space as your standard operating procedure to set up all AutoCAD drawings. That article unleashed a flood of e-mail from both supporters (the x-ruffians) and dissenters (the paper...More>>

To AutoLISP or VBA?   1 Jan, 2001

What's the difference between AutoLISP and VBA?I want to learn how to program AutoCAD, but I'm not sure which tool to learnfirst. Which one is better?More>>

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