Mechanical Desktop Features   1 Feb, 2000

Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop incorporates both feature-based and parametric technologies in the construction of 3D solid models.More>>

Track your plots: Plot logging tools   1 Feb, 2000

Each time you plot, these five packages capture information such as paper size, paper type, job information, and the date and time.More>>

LT On-line: Lesson 2   1 Feb, 2000

Drawing Setup, part 2.More>>

Make your move or copy in AutoCAD   1 Feb, 2000

Make the most and avoid the pitfalls of these similar commands.More>>

Editing Your Attributes   1 Feb, 2000

This month, let's continue down Attribute road and investigate your options should you need to edit your attributesMore>>

XPlot Logger Pro 3.0   1 Feb, 2000

XPlot Logger Pro v3.8 tracks plotting expenses from AutoCAD Releases 13–2000.More>>

SmartPLOT 3.0   1 Feb, 2000

A sophisticated, general CAD plot logging solution, SmartPLOT 3.0 provides a highly customizable interface, security, and the ability to link to a standard ODBC-compliant accounting systems.More>>

PlotLog 4.1/4.2   1 Feb, 2000

PlotLog 4.2 for AutoCAD 2000 (4.1 for Release 14) is a simple plot-logging utility that prompts you to enter plot data during the plotting process.More>>

Plot Suite 1.5.3/Time Suite   1 Feb, 2000

Plot Suite 1.5.3 is a plot-spooling application for AutoCAD Releases 13–2000 and AutoCAD LT.More>>

Plot Tracker   1 Feb, 2000

Plot Tracker is a package of AutoLISP and ARX utilities for logging plots in AutoCAD Release 14.More>>

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