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Eleven Efficiency Boosters for AutoCAD   23 Jan, 2014

High-profile features are nice, but these subtle improvements will really enhance your productivity.More>>

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TurboCAD through the Years   23 Jan, 2014

The release of the software’s 20th version inspires a longtime user and beta tester to reflect on its development — and its role in the success of his business.More>>

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Try FreeCommander, the Free File Manager   22 Jan, 2014

This alternative to the standard Windows File Manager features a dual-panel display.More>>

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The Peer-to-Peer CAD Manager, Part 2   22 Jan, 2014

To improve your relationship with your CAD users, become a reliable resource for technical solutions and interdepartmental collaboration.More>>

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Autodesk Shores Up BIM Offerings   16 Jan, 2014

Autodesk University 2013, part 3: Company highlights acquisitions, other efforts to bridge gaps in building and civil engineering workflows. More>>

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Tips & Tools Weekly (Vol. 19, No. 2)   13 Jan, 2014

Erase mistakes with the Oops command, plus more tips, tools, and resources for CAD managers and users.More>>

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AutoCAD's Valuable Oops Command   13 Jan, 2014

The Oops command has been in AutoCAD since the very beginning — but few users know how to take advantage of it. Join Autodesk Evangelist Lynn Allen as she shows you just when the Oops command can come in really handy!More>>

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A Guide to Building Rapport   8 Jan, 2014

This book on influence and leadership can help build your CAD management skills.More>>

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The Peer-to-Peer CAD Manager   8 Jan, 2014

Even if you lack the official title, you can still positively influence your workplace if you make the most of interacting with your users.More>>

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HP Builds Touch Capability into Second-Generation Z1 Workstation   6 Jan, 2014

The Z1 G2 keeps the compact all-in-one form factor and adds support for Windows Touch, Intel Thunderbolt. More>>