Avatech Tricks: Function Key and Object Snap Overrides   13 Feb, 2006

Use the Function, Control and Shift keys to temporarily override your drafting settings in AutoCAD 2006.More>>

Bug Watch: Nero Fiddles, AutoCAD Burns   13 Feb, 2006

AutoCAD doesn't let Windows know when it's used a file, but it will slow your system down for you, and it might forget all about its dialogs.More>>

CAD Cartoon   13 Feb, 2006


On the Job: 3D Printing Gives Footwear Company Leg Up on Competition   10 Feb, 2006

Timberland nets higher sales using Z Corp. technology to replace 2D drawings with 3D prototypesMore>>

First Look Review: Kaon vSpace Master   10 Feb, 2006

Create interactive sales and marketing tools with access to product knowledge and 3D animated demonstrations.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #144   9 Feb, 2006

CAD Manager Productivity Hints, Part 1: Use these tips to help identify your priorities, get organized and save timeMore>>

Bentley Plant Keeps Eye on Interoperability   9 Feb, 2006

Company commits to open data model based on ISO standardsMore>>

As a CAD manager who does some customization work around the office, should I learn Visual Basic?   9 Feb, 2006

Robert Green responds: In general, I'd answer this question with a yes, but let me qualify that answer a bit.More>>

CAD Manager Productivity Hints, Part 1   9 Feb, 2006

In the last edition of the CAD Managers Newsletter, I promised to pass along some productivity-maximizing tips.More>>

Top 10 PLM Pitfalls to Avoid   8 Feb, 2006

Free white paper from John Stark Associates and SofTech helps companies improve odds of successMore>>

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