First Looks: Essential Textures   1 Mar, 2003

Some purists like to create everything from scratch, including texture maps. There's nothing wrong with this, if you have the time and skill.More>>

Design Intent and iMates   1 Mar, 2003

Wymer highlights the Knowledge Vault's iMates, which you can use to virtually automate standard-component assemblies within Autodesk Inventor.More>>

applying finite-element analysis   1 Mar, 2003

Insights from FEA software developers.More>>

Surgeon uses ALGOR FEA tools   1 Mar, 2003

Sidebar to: applying finite-element analysisMore>>

MCAD Tech News #91 (Feb. 27, 2003)   27 Feb, 2003

In This Issue:Mini-Review of IronCAD 6 New Surfacing Tools Other Surfacing Tools Other Enhancements ConclusionsMore>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #80 (Feb. 27, 2003)   27 Feb, 2003

In This Issue:Cleaning the CAD House--Part III Centralized Backups Defined A Better Way Suggested Steps Justifiable Paranoia Summing UpMore>>

MCAD Tech News #90 (Feb. 12, 2003)   12 Feb, 2003

In This Issue:Pro/CONCEPT from PTC Not Your Typical Design Tool For Editing For Deformation For the Final Touches Conclusion Relevant LinksMore>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #79 (Feb. 5, 2003)   5 Feb, 2003

In This Issue: Cleaning the CAD House--Part II Your Management Needs to Buy In Let the Cleanup Begin Phase 1--Back Up and Delete Summing Up Relevant LinksMore>>

Table 1 Graphics card features   1 Feb, 2003

Table 1 Graphics card featuresMore>>

Manage the Review ProcessAnnual performance reviews can be an effective CAD management tool.   1 Feb, 2003

We often receive queries from CAD managers, especially young people or those new to the CAD manager role, about how they can learn about the people-management parts of their job. Internet newsgroups and forums feature a stream of complaints and grumbling about CAD management duties in environments...More>>