CAD Manager's Newsletter #90 (August 7, 2003)   7 Aug, 2003

In This Issue:CAD for Non-Traditional CAD Users--Part 2 The Four Problems Authority Issues Retaining Skills Summing Up CAD Manager Survey 2003 Kick-OffMore>>

Upgrade dilemma:Are you ready for the march to AutoCAD 2004?   1 Aug, 2003

It's AutoCAD upgrade time again, and whether you're laboring at Autodesk or at a company that uses AutoCAD, never have the prospects, potential, and pitfalls been more difficult to discern. Companies don't want to spend money on technology, but worry about falling too far behind, especially with...More>>

Bug Watch: August 2003   1 Aug, 2003

As reported August 1, 2003More>>

The Return of the Express Tools! (Who Says Dreams Don't Come True?)   1 Aug, 2003

Allen celebrates the return of the awesome Express Tools in AutoCAD 2004.More>>

Table 1, Rendering software features   1 Aug, 2003

Table 1, rendering software featuresMore>>

simulation speeds product design   1 Aug, 2003

Full-body analysis of assemblies promises a competitive edge.More>>

Unigraphics NX 2—Hard to beat   1 Aug, 2003

Unigraphics NX 2, which is slated for release in the third quarter of 2003, represents both the continued development of Unigraphics and the next step in the integration of EDS' Unigraphics and I-deas CAD/CAE/CAM suites.More>>

Processing power: Rendering online, in-house hardware and software options   1 Aug, 2003

When we cover rendering and visualization software, a general assumption is that you can render the final image or animation on your equipment.More>>

Other rendering options   1 Aug, 2003

Perhaps the most-used graphics applications is one that most people aren’t aware that they’re using.More>>

AccuRender 3.1, Rhino 3.0/Flamingo 1.1   1 Aug, 2003

It seems as if Robert McNeel’s AccuRender has been around forever, comfortably running inside whatever is the current version of AutoCAD and providing facilities for producing photorealistic renderings within the parent application.More>>

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