CAD Manager's Newsletter #92 (September 10, 2003)   10 Sep, 2003

In This Issue:CAD Outsourcing Trends Perception vs. Reality Key Outsourcing Metrics Lower Labor Costs Currency Conversion Reduction of Employees Government Compliance Costs Summing Up A Note on CAD Manager's Survey 2003More>>

MCAD Tech News #105 (September 3, 2003)   3 Sep, 2003

In This Issue:Some Thoughts on IMSI's Recent Purchases Instant Outcome of the First Purchase The Key to the Second Purchase CADKEY's Status ConclusionsMore>>

First Looks: NVIDIA FX 500   1 Sep, 2003

NVIDIA has a diverse range of sophisticated graphics cards for workstations.More>>

Bug Watch: September 2003   1 Sep, 2003

As reported September 1, 2003More>>

When a Line Is Not Just a Line   1 Sep, 2003

What makes a CAD drawing special?More>>

Trying to Follow Those Standards!   1 Sep, 2003

Allen helps you take advantage of the simple, effective features of the CAD Standards tool in AutoCAD 2004.More>>

Convert 3D Polylines to 2D   1 Sep, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: See how Visual LISP can cut down your coding in this routine that converts 3D polylines to 2D polylines.More>>

P275, 6652-U3N   1 Sep, 2003

The IBM P275 monitor is an attractive black 21" display with a 19.8" viewing area.More>>

Mitsubishi DP2070SB   1 Sep, 2003

The Mitsubishi DP2070SB is based on a Diamond Pro 2070SB aperture-grille CRT, a 22" display that delivers a 20" viewable area in a flat-black housing.More>>

Western Graphtec CS1000 scanner   1 Sep, 2003

Western Graphtec's CS1000 scanner, one of the company's first entries in the large-format scanning space, complements its rich tradition of solid printers, plotters, and cutters.More>>

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