may I take your order?   1 Jul, 2003

Make fill color transparent with Draworder.More>>

Do You Know Your Options?   1 Jul, 2003

Lynn Allen shows you how to define default file types, set preferences, and (if you dare) mess with your coworkers' minds by picking "astronomical units" as your basic measurement.More>>

making the case for VBA   1 Jul, 2003

Which CAD programming language should you learn?More>>

Remove Selected Attributes   1 Jul, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: Choose what to lose -- updated routine lets you select the attributes to remove from multiple drawings.More>>

MCAD Tech News #100 (June 26, 2003)   26 Jun, 2003

In This Issue:Mini-Review: OneCNC XP Mill Expert Using the Product Modeling Manufacturing and Interoperability Tools Conclusions Relevant LinksMore>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #87 (June 19, 2003)   19 Jun, 2003

In This Issue:CAD Manager Career Questions--Part 3 What Do I Do When My Management Doesn't Think CAD Management Is Justifiable? Using Your Negatives List Using Your Positives List Communicating It All Tone Follow Up Summing UpMore>>

MCAD Tech News #99 (June 12, 2003)   12 Jun, 2003

In This Issue:Delcam The Origin Total Modeling Challenges ConclusionMore>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #86 (June 5, 2003)   5 Jun, 2003

In This Issue:CAD Manager Career Questions--Part 2 What Do I Do When My Management Just Doesn't Get It? How Do I Deal with My Financially Squeezed Management? How Do I Manage Workforce Reduction? Summing UpMore>>

Table 1: CAD viewer features   1 Jun, 2003

Table 1: CAD viewer featuresMore>>

Imagenation 7.2   1 Jun, 2003

Spicer?s Imagenation 7.2 offers a high degree of functionality and a wealth of tools.More>>

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