CAD Manager's Newsletter #79 (Feb. 5, 2003)   5 Feb, 2003

In This Issue: Cleaning the CAD House--Part II Your Management Needs to Buy In Let the Cleanup Begin Phase 1--Back Up and Delete Summing Up Relevant LinksMore>>

Table 1 Graphics card features   1 Feb, 2003

Table 1 Graphics card featuresMore>>

Manage the Review ProcessAnnual performance reviews can be an effective CAD management tool.   1 Feb, 2003

We often receive queries from CAD managers, especially young people or those new to the CAD manager role, about how they can learn about the people-management parts of their job. Internet newsgroups and forums feature a stream of complaints and grumbling about CAD management duties in environments...More>>

Bug Watch: February 2003   1 Feb, 2003

As reported February 1, 2003More>>

To See or Not to See--Using the Latest (Free) Autodesk Viewer!   1 Feb, 2003

Turning your DWGs to PDFs or protecting your AutoCAD docs is a snap with the new Autodesk Viewer.More>>

Package a data file in VLISP   1 Feb, 2003

How to compile text files with AutoLISP routines.More>>

Purge Block Attributes   1 Feb, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: This month's solution purges block attributes from any number of drawings.More>>

FIRE GL Z1   1 Feb, 2003

At an estimated street price of $559 (suggested retail price $595), this particular model in the ATI Technologies' Fire GL series, the Z1, is moderately priced, even though it is a dual-headed graphics card with 128MB of DDR RAM.More>>

PNY QUADRO4 980XGL   1 Feb, 2003

Nvidia's current top-of-the-line graphics card powered its way to great performance scores in this round of benchmark testing, falling slightly off the top place in only the SPEC ViewPerf 7.0 proe-01 benchmark.More>>

Matrox Parhelia128 implements innovative features   1 Feb, 2003

We first looked at the Matrox Parhelia128 in our last roundup of graphic cards, but the drivers were still in beta and in the process of being optimized.More>>