Bug Watch: Issues With Xrefs and More Menu Maladies   15 Sep, 2005

Following AutoCAD's xref suggestions could slow you down and might even mess up your drawingMore>>

Productivity Corner: The Place Note Tool, Part 2   15 Sep, 2005

More options for the Place Note tool in MicroStation V8 2004 EditionMore>>

ArchiCAD Insights: Virtual Building and Freeform Design   15 Sep, 2005

ArchiCAD and MaxonForm work together to combine virtual BIM technology with a freeform modelerMore>>

1-2-3 Revit: Building Information Modeling in India   15 Sep, 2005

BIM gives architects in India the quick delivery they need to competeMore>>

Learning Curve: Playing the Fields   15 Sep, 2005

Yet more advanced uses for handy those field objectsMore>>

AutoLISP Solutions: Create Long Intermediate Terrain Contours   15 Sep, 2005

AutoLISP can form an intermediate contour that assumes a linear interpolation between the contour heightsMore>>

Hot Tip Harry: Tips from our Readers -- September 2005   15 Sep, 2005

Handy reader tips on rotating objects, creating selection sets, breaking lines, creating invisible objects and archivingMore>>

Circles and Lines: Extract Those Attributes!   15 Sep, 2005

Learn to extract attributes, create linked tables and save yourself some timeMore>>

Avatech Tricks: Hotwire AutoCAD Electrical   15 Sep, 2005

Customize AutoCAD Electrical to make drawing point-to-point wire diagrams more productiveMore>>

AEC Tech News #151   14 Sep, 2005

Standards in the News: Bentley Licenses the National CAD Standard;GSA Looks to BIM and IFCsMore>>