On the Job: Tradition Plus Technology is Key for New World Trade Center   16 Nov, 2004

Physical model and computer model evolve hand-in-hand for winning design proposalMore>>

Where Did I Put That Detail?   16 Nov, 2004

Set up your document using ArchiCAD's PlotMaker and you'll never go digging for drawing details again.More>>

Polyline Power   15 Nov, 2004

PolyLINE is one line you'll want to fall for again and again.More>>

To Speed Workflow, Uncheck Here   15 Nov, 2004

If your company doesn't use digital signatures, you'll increase productivity by disabling the function in AutoCAD.More>>

Bug Watch: Battman Bylayer Bug is Bread and Butter to the Bugmeister   15 Nov, 2004

Battman encounters color calamity and mirroring mayhem! Citizens fend off block lock and table trouble!More>>

AEC Tech News #131 (November 4, 2004)   4 Nov, 2004

Costs of LEED Compliance are Generally Low, Concludes GSA ReportMore>>

AEC From the Ground Up: The Building Information Model   1 Nov, 2004

Is BIM the future for AEC design?More>>

Autodesk Revit 7   1 Nov, 2004

Less than one year after the last major release, Autodesk announced Revit 7, the latest update to its parametric building modeler. I reviewed a prerelease version of this program, as well as the Revit-based structural engineering and MEP engineering applications that are currently in beta release....More>>

Extreme Speed-Six Workstations Push the Limits   1 Nov, 2004

The systems submitted for this roundup are the most varied I've seen in one of our roundups for some time: AGP-based systems, PCI Express systems, single-processor workstations, and dual-processor systems. One vendor submitted a workstation for the first time-Alienware, a familiar name in the...More>>

Tech Trends:Digital Practice   1 Nov, 2004

With the launch of its Digital Project suite of applications in October, Gehry Technologies caps a multiyear effort to bring engineering, fabrication, and procurement management to the forefront of AEC projects.More>>

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