Z Corp. forms metal casting network   14 Jan, 2004

Metal casting network links users of Z. Corp.'s Zcast technology.More>>

On the Job: The New Lamborghini   13 Jan, 2004

ICEM's surface modeling, analysis, and visualization software helps Lamborghini cut Gallardo development time and costsMore>>

Coupled Design and Analysis (CDA): Win the Race to Market   7 Jan, 2004

Coupled Design and Analysis, or CDA, is a small component within PLM, but its effect on the product development process is substantial.More>>

Ergonomic Efficiency Testing: Two-Handed vs. One-Handed CAD Working Styles   7 Jan, 2004

Physical measurements and perceptions of 20 CAD users who used both a two-handed work style (3Dmotion controller and mouse) and the traditional one-handed style (mouse) show greater effiency and strong user preference for the two-handed style.More>>

HP Pioneers 64-bit Computing   6 Jan, 2004

HP itanium 2 Benefits Mechanical cadMore>>

First Looks: Discreet 3ds max 6   6 Jan, 2004

3D modeling, rendering, visualization.More>>

Systems Design   5 Jan, 2004

Solid Edge v15 adds tools that aid assembly design and analysis.More>>

Tool Time   5 Jan, 2004

Using and Administering SolidWorks ToolboxMore>>

SolidWorks 2004   1 Jan, 2004

SolidWorks 2004, the twelfth release of this 3D solid modeling product, implements new features that should appeal to a whole new group of potential users who have been on the fence about moving to 3D. It also caters to those with specialized design needs-for example, those who design organically...More>>

When Surfaces and Solids Collide   1 Jan, 2004

Welcome to my updated column, Modeling Methods. Each month I'll dig deeper into the methods that today's mechanical CAD applications use to help product designers be more creative and productive in what they do best.More>>