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Geospatial Analysis with AutoCAD Map 3D, Part 3   17 Feb, 2010

Your CAD drawings contain a wealth of information. Query and analyze them to reveal patterns, generate reports, and find features of interest.More>>

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Vancouver Shares Data Stores   17 Feb, 2010

One Canadian city's resolution to share GIS data with the public benefits residents, businesses, and Olympic visitors alike.More>>

AU Online Offers GIS Learning on Demand   20 Jan, 2010

Were you too busy to attend every Autodesk University class that interested you — or even to make it to Las Vegas in the first place? Now you can take in some sessions from your home or office.More>>

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Mobile Apps Make GIS Pocket-Sized   2 Dec, 2009

As new contenders enter the smartphone market, competition is spurring the release of new spatial and mapping applications.More>>

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Geospatial Analysis with AutoCAD Map 3D, Part 2   18 Nov, 2009

Querying your data can reveal the answers to questions such as "Where are all the land parcels that are zoned industrial?"More>>

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Army Corps Mitigates Hurricane Impact with GIS   18 Nov, 2009

The Philadelphia and Baltimore Districts are using a geographic information system (GIS) to reduce storm-related problems such as flooding, beach erosion, destroyed homes and businesses, and loss of life.More>>

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Indian Utility Taps Modeling Software to Solve Water Crisis   4 Nov, 2009

To return the flow of drinking water to 17 million customers, the Water Supply and Sanitation Department of Maharashtra employs Bentley Map, Bentley Water, and WaterGEMS to model a solution.More>>

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Army Corps GIS Protects Endangered Shore Species   21 Oct, 2009

The Threatened and Endangered Species System, a joint project of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, makes the power of GIS available to scientists, decision makers, and citizens concerned about beach-dwelling birds and plants.More>>

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GIS E-Book Serves as Guidebook to the Future   7 Oct, 2009

The only thing better than a good book is a good free book. ESRI has expanded its library of downloadable e-books with Essays on Geography and GIS: Volume 2, a collection of articles exploring the applications and future development of the technology.More>>

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Dell’s New Workstation Designed to Offer Affordable 2D/3D CAD Power   29 Sep, 2009

Filling a hole in the company’s product line, the Precision T1500 delivers workstation power, professional-level graphics performance, and software certification that CAD users need for reliable performance — all starting at $949. More>>