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Editor's Window   1 Mar, 2005

Communication breakdown: Striking a balance between sharing and security.More>>

Editor's Window   1 Feb, 2005

Numbers Game: Don't cut corners when building support for your proposals.More>>

Editor's Window   1 Jan, 2005

New year, new look. Frequent fine-tuning keeps Cadalyst on target.More>>

Editor's Window: One is Not Enough   15 Dec, 2004

Graphisoft rounds out building model with construction model.More>>

Editor's Window   1 Nov, 2004

Project lifecycle management gains ground with manufacturers.More>>

Editor's Window   1 Oct, 2004

AS PROMISED, THIS MONTH we'll consider the state of engineering drawings today. Several of you who wrote in response to my recent musings about the dearth of CAD jobs (August, p. 6) remarked that the quality of drawings today is not what it used to be.More>>

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Editor's Window   15 Sep, 2004

Employers say they have trouble finding CAD operators who know their software and their particular industry.More>>

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Editor's Window   16 Aug, 2004

I HEAR THS QUESTION OFTEN these days. Positions such as drafter and CAD operater are tough to find. Overseas outsourcing, and general economic sluggishness, may account for a certain number of disappearing jobs, but other factors appear to be at work, too.More>>

Editor's Window   1 Jul, 2004

Of course it's easy to come up with strategies, but much harder to execute them.More>>

Watch Web services   1 Jun, 2004

They may not cure every interoperability problem, but they promise to facilitate data exchange across platforms and applications.More>>

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