What's a Custom Object?   1 Jan, 2003

In the world of AutoCAD programming it is not uncommon to hear someone mention the term custom object.More>>

extract those attributes   1 Jan, 2003

Transfer data stored in block attributes for use in other programs.More>>

The Infamous Pigpen File   1 Jan, 2003

This month, Allen continues her focus on programming by taking a step backwards to the easy to program ACAD.PGP file, which can only be used to shorten an AutoCAD command.More>>

Bug Watch: January 1, 2003   1 Jan, 2003

As reported January 1, 2003More>>

Capturing and Reusing Design Intent   1 Jan, 2003

Wymer gives you a tour of iFeature, a part of the Knowledge Vault in Inventor.More>>

AutoLISP Solutions: Export point coordinates   1 Dec, 2002

Create a comma-delimited text file of polyline and point coordinates.More>>

Weldment Design with Autodesk Inventor 6   1 Nov, 2002

Inside the recently released Autodesk Inventor 6 is a weldment-design environment.More>>

Embedded versus DVB Files   1 Nov, 2002

Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA) developers have two choices for the storage of their macros.More>>

Isn't that spatial?   1 Nov, 2002

Explore AutoCAD?s true associative dimensions.More>>

The Legacy of 2D   1 Oct, 2002

What can you do with your old 2D AutoCAD drawings?More>>

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