Hurricane Response Gets Help from GIS   16 Sep, 2008

Maps and analysis provide accurate picture of events on the ground before, during, and after emergency.More>>

Empowering the “I” in BIM   11 Sep, 2008

Solibri CEO Jonathan Widney shares his thoughts on the direction BIM is heading and how Solibri is finding its niche.More>>

Promoting Education, Part 2: Solidworks   4 Sep, 2008

Like an increasing number of CAD companies, SolidWorks offers a wide variety of products and programs for aspiring engineers.More>>

Third-Party Solutions Enhance Data Transfer   2 Sep, 2008

New software improves efficiency of data updating and provides an ongoing log of edits and updates.More>>

Genie Out of the Bottle (Tech Trends Feature)   1 Sep, 2008

Ruling in software resale case rubs developers the wrong way.More>>

Brave New BIM   28 Aug, 2008

Transitioning to building information modeling requires much more than a change in software.More>>

SIGGRAPH Evolves Along With Technology   21 Aug, 2008

Many technologies designed for the gaming and entertainment industries will find an important place in CAD product design as well.More>>

Viewpoint: Chewing the CAD   13 Aug, 2008

Like an Animal Farm, today's market puts power in wrong hands.More>>

CityEngine Revs Up Urban Modeling   13 Aug, 2008

Procedure-based program enables users to define the rules of how a building should look and then apply those rules.More>>

Rotor Bug Strikes Again (Tech Trends Feature)   1 Aug, 2008

Sportcopter builds up, tears down autogiro designs in SolidWorks.More>>

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