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Peer Software Facilitates CAD Collaboration   10 Sep, 2009

When implementing a CAD collaboration framework, the chosen solution must accommodate all stakeholders, whether they're located in the same office or scattered among multiple locations.More>>

CAD Management in a Continuing Recession, Part 3   12 Aug, 2009

Whether they're located in the United States or New Zealand — which is faring better than the U.S. during this crisis — the recession is forcing CAD managers to evaluate their methods to get more done with fewer resources.More>>

As Software Subscriptions Lapse in Down Economy, Autodesk Clarifies Policies   30 Jul, 2009

If you're among those who are dealing with lapsed software subscriptions — or you will be in the future — start by fully understanding the policies that affect subscription licensing, take stock of what you have, consider all available alternatives for managing your software, and determine what...More>>

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Social Networking and Product Development   23 Jul, 2009

Are Web 2.0 tools appropriate for use in product-development settings? Social computing tools certainly offer great promise, but their potential use within product organizations is not without risk.More>>

CAD Management in a Continuing Recession, Part 2   22 Jul, 2009

I've asked a couple of my industry colleagues to respond to some questions related to CAD management in this economy. Lynn Allen, technical evangelist for Autodesk, and Nigel Davies, owner of Evolve Consultancy, comment on the job market for CAD managers, opportunities for cost savings, and more.More>>

CAD Management in a Continuing Recession, Part 1   8 Jul, 2009

I've been receiving a lot of e-mail from CAD managers about the poor economy, and I want to focus on their economic and career questions in the next few installments. I'll be interviewing industry experts from around the globe so I can share a variety of opinions in addition to my own.More>>

Lay Down the Law on CAD Standards, Part 3   24 Jun, 2009

Take a diagnostic quiz and learn how to tackle problems related to standards and training.More>>

New Handbook Available for GIS Managers   18 Jun, 2009

The handbook includes information on GIS program development, GIS legal issues, project management, human resources, and more.More>>

Building a Better AEC File Cabinet   18 Jun, 2009

BSA LifeStructures uses M-Files to manage all documents without changing how architects and designers work.More>>

What You See Is What You Get   18 Jun, 2009

VisionREZ and hsbCAD bridge the gap between architecture and manufacturing.More>>