Get Lean with Automated 3D Data Transformation   23 Apr, 2009

With tough economic times forcing manufacturers to trim expenses, companies can find help from tools such as Anark Core.More>>

CAD Manager's Journey into 3D, Part 3   22 Apr, 2009

A deeper look into the numbers reveals probable reasons behind 3D's slow acceptance.More>>

Mastenbroek Unearths Secret to Optimized 3D Modeling   9 Apr, 2009

Heavy equipment maker combines ATI FirePro graphics accelerator with Autodesk Inventor to improve the design process and support sales efforts.More>>

CAD Manager's Journey into 3D, Part 2   8 Apr, 2009

Reader uproar indicates that CAD managers have wildly differing views about adopting 3D.More>>

CAD Manager's Journey into 3D, Part 1   25 Mar, 2009

The majority of companies today still face the transition to 3D CAD, so prepare now to lead the way.More>>

Photoshop CS4 (First Look Review)   19 Mar, 2009

The depth, flexibility, and speed of this latest release make it a powerful tool for a range of design and engineering applications.More>>

AutoLISP: A Civil Designer's Helpmate   18 Mar, 2009

Use this powerful programming tool to query and label GIS object data, convert unusable points, and much more.More>>

Data-Exchange Tools Can Save Time, Money, and Headache   11 Mar, 2009

Understand why you need a multi-CAD interoperability solution and how to select the right one for your office.More>>

CAD Manager Survey Update, Part 2   11 Mar, 2009

Even when business is bad, take a proactive approach to make sure you're using your staffing and resources to their maximum potential.More>>

Integrated CAD/GIS Platform Streamlines Infrastructure Engineering   4 Mar, 2009

Port of Long Beach expects to save more than $3 million from CAD file management efficiencies alone.More>>

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