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The World of AutoCAD Programming Platforms, Part 1    12 Apr, 2012

VBA remains an option, but its days appear numbered. Check out the other choices available for AutoCAD customization.More>>

Follow Up: Programming (CAD Manager's Toolbox)   11 Mar, 2009

I received a great reader response to the last issue of the CAD Manager's Toolbox regarding my advice to AutoCAD users to learn AutoLISP. I'd like to share the response with you and use it as a springboard to offer some more advice on programming for CAD managers.More>>

Scared of Programming? Well, Jump Right in! (CAD Manager's Toolbox)   25 Feb, 2009

There's no time like the present, so start by learning to customize your user interface.More>>

Working with AutoCAD Selection Sets (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   25 Nov, 2008

When building a Visual LISP or VBA routine, understand the unique rules that control these objects.More>>

More about AutoLISP (CAD Manager's Toolbox)   12 Nov, 2008

Some readers wonder if they should make the effort to learn this programming language.More>>

CAD Manager's Survey 2008 Report   12 Nov, 2008

The results are in and they show how market forces continue to change the CAD manager's job.More>>

VBA, Visual LISP Answers to the Same Question (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   27 Oct, 2008

User's request for global text clean-up routine leads to dual solution that serves as a great instructional example, as well.More>>

Programming Topics, Part 4: AutoLISP   22 Oct, 2008

Set up customized AutoLISP code files for all your users without having to work at individual computers.More>>

Programming Topics, Part 3: AutoLISP   8 Oct, 2008

More tips on using AutoLISP codes to customize and control your CAD operations.More>>

Integrating AutoCAD with Other Applications (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   23 Sep, 2008

Custom programming lets your systems share data -- and ramps up your productivity.More>>