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Archiving Installation CDs and DVDs   13 Jan, 2010

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Nobody enjoys scrambling to find a misplaced backup disk or installation key — and now you don't have to.More>>

Survival Kit for CAD Machines   9 Dec, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Taking precautions now will make your life much easier later, should disaster befall your computer.More>>

Free Utility Makes Defragging a Delight   11 Nov, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Are you forgetting to defrag, or putting it off because it takes too long? IObit's Smart Defrag runs in the background, so you don't have to think about it.More>>

When Internet Explorer Clashes with 64-Bit Operating Systems   28 Oct, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Thanks to a pesky plugin, a 64-bit browser may cause more trouble than it's worth. Fortunately, there's an easy fix for this compatibility problem.More>>

What to Do When Old Tools Won’t Work on New 64-Bit Operating Systems   14 Oct, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: The upgrade to a new OS can spell trouble in the form of incompatible peripherals. The good news is, there are some simple workarounds you can try to bring everything into harmony again.More>>

How Can I Motivate Myself?   23 Sep, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Layoffs and other economic stresses can make the workplace a gloomy one — and make CAD managers depressed. Here are some tips to get you engaged in your job again.More>>

Laptops and CAD   9 Sep, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Mobility isn't the only factor to consider when weighing the benefits of trading a fixed workstation for a laptop. You'll also need to evaluate the frequency with which you work with big models and large batches of files. More>>

AutoCAD Virus Alert   26 Aug, 2009

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Although CAD users have been spared much of the hassle of viruses that have plagued other computer users, a new virus is targeting those on AutoCAD platforms.More>>

New Backup Strategies (CAD Manager's Toolbox)   12 Aug, 2009

All CAD managers should rethink their backups and how mobile those backups must be. It is now cheaper and easier to have backups on mobile devices than on dedicated hardware devices.More>>

Restarting CAD Licenses and Subscriptions (CAD Manager's Toolbox)   22 Jul, 2009

Some companies have had to abandon some of their CAD licenses or stop subscription contracts as a result of the poor economy. Readers wonder what will happen later, when business picks up and they want to put the abandoned licenses back in use.More>>