CAD Manager's Toolbox/Q&A
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CAD Managers Unite!   23 Jul, 2014

CAD Manager's Toolbox: The author's Facebook group provides a place for CAD managers and users to share tips and ask questions.More>>

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Workstation Configurator by Intel   9 Jul, 2014

CAD Manager's Toolbox: This online tool can help you determine what you need in your next workstation.More>>

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Innovation Terms and Metrics   25 Jun, 2014

Blogger Kotelnikov argues that innovation has several forms, with different risks and rewards for all.More>>

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Project Kickoff Questionnaire   11 Jun, 2014

Make sure you cover all your bases before a project starts, and ask users to fill out this survey prior to your meeting.More>>

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More Bring-Your-Own-Device Advice   28 May, 2014

If you’re crafting a policy for your workplace, start with this BYOD template from IT Manager Daily.More>>

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Bring-Your-Own-Device Advice   14 May, 2014

Read more about how to handle personal handheld devices in the workplace at>>

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IT Knowledge for CAD Managers   23 Apr, 2014 offers valuable IT information.More>>

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Give Your CAD/BIM Systems the Dog Food Test   9 Apr, 2014

If your software systems aren’t good enough for your own use, they’re not good enough for your users either.More>>

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Conduct Usability Studies for CAD/BIM    26 Mar, 2014

A/V recordings of hands-on software interactions can help you design better tools for your users.More>>

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New Candidate Screening Tools   12 Mar, 2014

How do you select the prospective employee with the best CAD skills?More>>

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