MCAD Tech News
MCAD Tech News (#277)   25 Feb, 2010

SolidWorks World 2010, Part 2: New Products for SolidWorks Users. A tour of the Partner Pavilion finds endless new tools for structural steel design, CAM, prototyping, and much more.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#276)   11 Feb, 2010

SolidWorks World 2010: Clouds, Macs, Movie Making, and More. Event report: The annual user conference drew 5,000 to see and hear what's happening and what's ahead for the 3D mechanical CAD platform.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#275)   28 Jan, 2010

Parametric CAD Perfects Custom Motorcycle Parts: Truly Blessed Customs relies on Alibre Design to turn sketchy ideas into elaborate bike components.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#274)   17 Dec, 2009

Event Report: Autodesk University 2009. In a year when canceled events are common, Autodesk draws nearly 6,000 to Las Vegas and 19,000 to AU Virtual for learning opportunities and technology updates. More>>

MCAD Tech News (#273)   12 Nov, 2009

SolidWorks 2010: Yes, There’s Some Wow. Most development for the latest version was under the hood, but we found some fantastic new features on the surface as well.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#272)   22 Oct, 2009

First Look Review: MapleSim 2. Powered by the Maple technical computing engine, MapleSim is a 3D modeling and simulation solution that lets users specify and evaluate myriad simulation conditions for physical models. More>>

MCAD Tech News (#271)   10 Sep, 2009

Santolupo's High School Students Tackle Real-World Design Challenges: Unencumbered by preconceived notions, teens experiment with technologies of tomorrow.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#270)   23 Jul, 2009

Social Networking and Product Development: Web 2.0 technologies bring advantages, disadvantages, and applicability to the product engineering processes.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#269)   9 Jul, 2009

Cadalyst Labs Review: DoubleCAD XT vs. AutoCAD LT -- IMSI/Design claims its new, free 2D drafting tool is a viable replacement for AutoCAD LT. Is it?More>>

MCAD Tech News (#267)   11 Jun, 2009

Reverse Engineering a Better Brake Arm: Racing motorcycle designer CRP Technology uses ergonomics study, CAD, and rapid prototyping to create a custom part.More>>