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AEC Tech News (#240)   20 Nov, 2008

Implementing BIM in Old Construction: Brigham Young University's Clyne Curtis talks with Cadalyst about using Revit in the management of a historic campus.More>>

AEC Tech News (#239)   6 Nov, 2008

PDF Tool Enhances Mainstay Design App: PDF creation and conversion become cheap and green with Bluebeam PDF Revu 6.5's CAD-specific functions.More>>

AEC Tech News (#238)   23 Oct, 2008

Army Corps Drawn to BIM Design: Corps of Engineers' use of BIM results in considerable time savings for its design team and impressive cost savings for its customers.More>>

AEC Tech News (#237)   9 Oct, 2008

It's Been a Busy Year for AIA: The institute releases new IPD docs and bestows the '08 BIM Awards.More>>

AEC Tech News (#236)   25 Sep, 2008

Bridging the CAD Deliverables Gap: Electronic documentation must serve different purposes for building owners and CAD contractors.More>>

AEC Tech News (#235)   11 Sep, 2008

Empowering the I in BIM: Solibri CEO Jonathan Widney shares his thoughts on the direction BIM is heading and how Solibri is finding its niche.More>>

AEC Tech News (#234)   28 Aug, 2008

Brave New BIM: Transitioning to building information modeling requires much more than a change in software.More>>

AEC Tech News (#233)   14 Aug, 2008

CityEngine Revs Up Urban Modeling: Procedure-based program enables users to define the rules of how a building should look and then apply those rules.More>>

AEC Tech News (#232)   24 Jul, 2008

With BIM, Practice Makes Perfect: Covington Architects discovers that custom training lays the foundation for a successful transition to Revit.More>>

AEC Tech News (#231)   10 Jul, 2008

Land Development Gets SaaS-y: A new civil engineering software as a service promises significant savings in time and money.More>>

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