GIS Tech News
GIS Tech News (#64)   19 Aug, 2008

CS-Map Enters Public Domain: Autodesk donates conversion technology to OSGeo.More>>

GIS Tech News (#63)   5 Aug, 2008

Bringing GPS Data Quickly into CAD: Software lets users collect and upload field data into AutoCAD using handheld consumer GPS units.More>>

GIS Tech News (#62)   15 Jul, 2008

Model Citizens: Salzburg, the first of Autodesk's Digital Cities, breaks ground on a new kind of 3D model.More>>

GIS Tech News (#61)   1 Jul, 2008

New Tools Link GPS and Digital Cameras: New technology automatically records not only where a photo is taken but also the direction in which the camera is aimed.More>>

GIS Tech News (#60)   17 Jun, 2008

The Pen That Writes Directly to ArcMap: Adapx's Capturx pen and software combo enables even nonprofessionals to perform GIS fieldwork.More>>

GIS Tech News (#59)   3 Jun, 2008

Sustainable Is a Many-Splendored Word: Civil and geospatial software find a natural niche in working toward a sustainable environment, as evidenced at this year's Bentley Conference.More>>

GIS Tech News (#58)   20 May, 2008

Measuring the Boreal Forest's Breadth: Remote sensing experts monitor the shrinking boreal forest with GIS.More>>

GIS Tech News (#57)   6 May, 2008

A New Twist to Petroleum GIS: Web-based application helps oil and gas explorers stay on track.More>>

GIS Tech News (#56)   15 Apr, 2008

Football and Facebook Meet GIS: GeoWeb 2008 conference hosts student contest.More>>

GIS Tech News (#55)   1 Apr, 2008

Interactive Maps, Custom Features: Editing your JavaScript code enables the end user to select a specific location.More>>

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