GIS Tech News
GIS Tech News (#44)   18 Sep, 2007

Can 3D Road Geometry Save Gas? Intermap and an Auburn University research team study fuel economy in the heavy trucking industries.More>>

GIS Tech News (#43)   4 Sep, 2007

Robots Probe Underground Pipes: Municipalities and industries such as oil and gas are gathering new data on old pipelines.More>>

GIS Tech News (#42)   21 Aug, 2007

Fight the Bite, Track the Truck: Managing West Nile virus with GIS; monitoring mobile assets with FleetScapeMore>>

GIS Tech News (#41)   7 Aug, 2007

Open-Source Software Gains Foothold: Users can tailor applications to fit their needs.More>>

GIS Tech News (#40)   17 Jul, 2007

The Pipes, the Pipes Are Calling - for a Change: Can new technologies fill in for the aging workforce in utility?More>>

GIS Tech News (#39)   19 Jun, 2007

Can We Work Together in Twitter Town? Hybrid socio-geospatial network offers glimpses into potential new working paradigms.More>>

GIS Tech News (#38)   5 Jun, 2007

The Latest Dirt on Soil Compaction: Intelligent technology has landed and is gaining ground in heavy equipment operations.More>>

GIS Tech News (#37)   15 May, 2007

Beyond the Routing Algorithm: A brief look at the benefits and dilemmas of location-based tracking.More>>

GIS Tech News (#36)   1 May, 2007

One-Stop Shopping for Maps: A governmental consortium aims to provide access to integrated GIS information for all.More>>

GIS Tech News (#35)   17 Apr, 2007

GIS Footnotes on Political Theater: Reexamining the Role of Metadata in the Wake of Google's Katrina Maps Controversy.More>>

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