The Return of the Express Tools! (Who Says Dreams Don't Come True?)   1 Aug, 2003

Allen celebrates the return of the awesome Express Tools in AutoCAD 2004.More>>

Upgrade dilemma:Are you ready for the march to AutoCAD 2004?   1 Aug, 2003

It's AutoCAD upgrade time again, and whether you're laboring at Autodesk or at a company that uses AutoCAD, never have the prospects, potential, and pitfalls been more difficult to discern. Companies don't want to spend money on technology, but worry about falling too far behind, especially with...More>>

Bug Watch: July 2003   1 Jul, 2003

Bug Watch as reported July 1, 2003More>>

Parametrics-Driven Drawings   1 Jul, 2003

Can one drive an AutoCAD drawing from an Excel spreadsheet? The answer is a resounding "Yes!"More>>

may I take your order?   1 Jul, 2003

Make fill color transparent with Draworder.More>>

Do You Know Your Options?   1 Jul, 2003

Lynn Allen shows you how to define default file types, set preferences, and (if you dare) mess with your coworkers' minds by picking "astronomical units" as your basic measurement.More>>

making the case for VBA   1 Jul, 2003

Which CAD programming language should you learn?More>>

Bug Watch: June 2003   1 Jun, 2003

Items covered:Commentary: AutoCAD 2004 coexistence and compatibilityReturn of the scream menu (2004)Gray area (2004)Extension exasperation (2004)More>>

Text: from Tedious to Terrific (About Darn Time!)   1 Jun, 2003

This month, Allen explores the new and vastly improved mtext options available in AutoCAD 2004.More>>

Bug Watch: May 2003   1 May, 2003

Bug Watch as reported May 1, 2003More>>

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