Circles & Lines Tutorials by Autodesk Evangelist, Lynn Allen
Digging Deep into the Express Tools   1 Oct, 2003

This month, Allen painstakingly describes the slue of Express tools available for use with your AutoCAD layers.More>>

Trying to Follow Those Standards!   1 Sep, 2003

Allen helps you take advantage of the simple, effective features of the CAD Standards tool in AutoCAD 2004.More>>

The Return of the Express Tools! (Who Says Dreams Don't Come True?)   1 Aug, 2003

Allen celebrates the return of the awesome Express Tools in AutoCAD 2004.More>>

Do You Know Your Options?   1 Jul, 2003

Lynn Allen shows you how to define default file types, set preferences, and (if you dare) mess with your coworkers' minds by picking "astronomical units" as your basic measurement.More>>

Text: from Tedious to Terrific (About Darn Time!)   1 Jun, 2003

This month, Allen explores the new and vastly improved mtext options available in AutoCAD 2004.More>>

Welcome to the UI in AutoCAD 2004   1 May, 2003

Allen explores the new toolbars and tool palettes in the latest release of AutoCAD.More>>

AutoCAD 2004 Step Savers   1 Apr, 2003

Allen makes an inventory of the steps you'll save by using AutoCAD 2004.More>>

Guard Your Drawings with Digital Signature   1 Mar, 2003

This ingenious new extension lets you digitally sign electronic files and is now available through the Autodesk Subscription program.More>>

To See or Not to See--Using the Latest (Free) Autodesk Viewer!   1 Feb, 2003

Turning your DWGs to PDFs or protecting your AutoCAD docs is a snap with the new Autodesk Viewer.More>>

The Infamous Pigpen File   1 Jan, 2003

This month, Allen continues her focus on programming by taking a step backwards to the easy to program ACAD.PGP file, which can only be used to shorten an AutoCAD command.More>>

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