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Do We Need a CAD Manager?   31 Oct, 2011

Memo to senior management: A CAD manager is a valuable ally in your efforts to achieve business goals.More>>

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Your Own Private CAD Cloud   26 Oct, 2011

Too worried about data security and service stability to take advantage of Internet-based computing? Put those concerns aside by building a low-cost, in-house network.More>>

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The Minimalist's Guide to In-House Training   12 Oct, 2011

Instructing users about new techniques and correct procedures is necessary, but it takes time. Use these tips to streamline the process.More>>

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CAD Manager's Survey 2011 Goes Live   28 Sep, 2011

The annual survey is back — and it needs your input to succeed!More>>

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CAD Standards: Strategies for Success   23 Sep, 2011

Once you've developed these guidelines, how can you convince your users to follow them?More>>

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From Order to CAD Chaos, Part 2   14 Sep, 2011

Has your company's disregard for standards become pervasive? Try these tips to get back to an orderly, productive workplace.More>>

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From Order to CAD Chaos, Part 1   24 Aug, 2011

It doesn't take long for a well-regulated workplace to slip into disorder in the absence of proper CAD management. Here are some tips on recognizing trouble — and fighting back.More>>

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CAD Management on the Rocks Yet Again   10 Aug, 2011

Is your position in jeopardy? Regardless of what's happening at your company, these tips will help you evaluate your layoff risk and enhance your job security.More>>

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A CAD Manager's Letter to IT   27 Jul, 2011

Educate your IT department about what you really need to do your job right.More>>

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Have the BIM Truth Talk with Your Boss, Part 4   13 Jul, 2011

The final installment in this series discusses reader experiences with training personnel, IT obstacles, and other aspects of implementation.More>>

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