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Keep Ahead of the Learning Curve, Part 2   11 May, 2011

You've got your training plan in hand, and now you need to show management why funding that training is a smart financial decision.More>>

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Keep Ahead of the Learning Curve, Part 1   27 Apr, 2011

A CAD manager's job demands an up-to-date skill set — which in turn requires a carefully planned training program.More>>

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Just How 3D Are We? Part 4   13 Apr, 2011

In this final installment in the 3D CAD usage series, you'll learn how to select your first project and tackle other implementation challenges.More>>

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Just How 3D Are We? Part 3   23 Mar, 2011

Managing expectations is key to keeping management and users happy during the transition from 2D to 3D.More>>

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Just How 3D Are We? Part 2   9 Mar, 2011

Readers weigh in on the question of 3D CAD adoption, revealing a wide spectrum of opinions about 2D and 3D use.More>>

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Just How 3D Are We? Part 1   23 Feb, 2011

Software vendors would have you believe that 3D software has taken over the CAD market — but how many companies have actually abandoned 2D?More>>

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Don't Get Lost in CAD-to-BIM Translation   9 Feb, 2011

Get everyone on the same page by mapping out the inputs and outputs for your next project — in very specific terms.More>>

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CAD Management Game-Changers   26 Jan, 2011

BIM, video training, cloud-based software, and point clouds will all make waves this year.More>>

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Observations from Autodesk University 2010    8 Dec, 2010

Conference attendance improved this year, as did the mood, but CAD managers reported that many companies are still struggling.More>>

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Prove Your Worth!   17 Nov, 2010

Quantify your value as a CAD manager by calculating your own personal ROI.More>>

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